Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It seems every week something keeps me from getting a new tablescape posted. One is on the kitchen table, waiting to be photographed. Bob is tired of pushing it aside, cuz he wants his special plate, cup and saucer (ugly!). Two other tablescapes are stacked in the dining room waiting for their chance in front of the camera.
When the air conditioner went out yesterday, I gave up and decided on a replay of one of my favorite tables. Besides, it seems to make me feel a little cooler...not really.


It doesn't take a lot of money to create an interesting tablescape. You just have to think outside of the box.
I was trying to think of something to go with another polka dot project. I walked through the den and saw this new Green Polka Dot beach towel. It didn't fit the kitchen table so I angled it. I liked the color it added and I always enjoy seeing the wood on my antique table.
You may have remembered that my grandson and a friend visited us during their spring break, a couple of years ago. NEWS ALERT! They are now engaged! They were a joy to have with us, they are extremely great kids and we had a great time. You can meet them here
We hated to see them go!  When they left, they gave us a package with a variety of neat gifts. This adorable polka dot beach towel was among those gifts. 
Dollar Tree Mat
I started looking for anything that had a round/dot look.
Dollar Tree plate!
I was already thinking green and white!
These came from T. J. Max
 I just love these plates but could only find two. I am continuously looking for more.
Cracker Barrel, 70% off.
I knew I needed a little more color. I love these little Yellow plates called Gerber Daisy from Cracker Barrel. I think that did it!
I added this dessert dish from my collection and placed it on a paper doily. The egg candle in the dessert dish made this an Easter Tablescape but today we are using its "coolness" to beat the August heat.
I filled in with these striped salad plates. I justified them by recalling that the beach towel has a stripe across the bottom.
Notice how the doily matches the crochet on the napkin.
 I made the napkin rings with another tablescape in mind and I share how I made them, with shower hooks,  here.
I used two different yellow napkins, these plaid and other solid yellow. I made the plaid. The white crochet trimmed napkins are from Horchow.  Hey, I saved money by making the yellow plaid napkins and the rings!!
The floral centerpiece is made of leftovers from Bob's free flowers of the week here and some other flowers from my garden.
 The Calla Lily, Red Daisies, Yellow Tulip and Butterfly Lavender are from my garden.

A plain yellow napkin with the crocheted napkin. The flatware is my everyday ware.

I have been  playing with Iphoto in my Mac operating system. In the black and white picture, the covered reticulated bowl is from my collection. I think I purchased the it at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.
Amazing how different things look in black and white. I didn't take a good shot of the stemware. They are pretty, delicate and came from a consignment store.

The candlestick was thrifted and was $1.00. I posted about it and the dish holding the flower arrangement  here. The embellishment on the candle is a simple length of grosgrain ribbon and a stick on daisy.
I love this little squirrel and he shows up everywhere. This is a better view of the flower container that was thrifted here.
 I just liked this angle. You can glimpse our antique Stromberg Carlson telephone on the wall.
A Candle shot!
The votive holders match the daisy plates and were purchased from Cracker Barrel at the same time.

It wasn't dark but I managed to get some candle shots.

I hope you enjoyed the redux of my Beach Towel Tablescape!
Do you feel cooler now?

Please pray for Alycia of TableTwentyOne she is post surgery and undergoing fierce PT.

Please remember to Pray for Ronnie. Please go the link and leave he and his family words of encouragement. They are reading your caring words of prayer and concern and are being blessed and comforted. THANK YOU so much for all who are praying. Ronnie's surgery is this Friday and I will keep you informed as to his progress.

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Cathy said...

Your table is sunny and bright. LUV the polka dots.

Cathy's Cupboard Calamity <;)

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Hi, Ginger. First, how sweet of your "guests" to have gifts for you upon their departure, and a polka-dot beach towel is such a cute idea! And your round placemats made me smile--a big white dot on the towel, ready to build on it, which you did beautifully! What a fresh, summer table! I hope the AC if fixed soon--I'm sure it's not comfortable there without AC, and for Bob's sake I hope the pictures are taken and his life back to HIS dishes soon. :) So glad I stopped by, as always. ~Zuni

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the AC problems. Hope it's fixed soon. It's so hot here right now, we'd have to check into a hotel if we lost AC. Hope you manage to get the photos taken. Look forward to seeing these 3 new tables. This one today is lovely. It does offer a coolness with those pretty greens and yellows. Well done!

xinex said...

Great idea on the towel, Ginger. Your table is beautiful, very happy and cheerful!....Christine

~~louise~~ said...

You make it seem so simple, Ginger. I love the thought of tablescaping Plain and simple; I stink at it!

You, on the other hand, do a wonderful job. Now, give hubby some room so w can see more, lol...

Thanks for sharing...

iris said...

une bien jolie table pleine de
des idées à retenir
merci de votre passage sur mon blog
très bonne journée
edith (iris) France

Creations By Cindy said...

Ginger, your beachtowel tablescape is adorable! Just live the vibrant colors! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Suzan Sweatman said...

LOVE your table setting - how perfectly that beach towel works - and that it was gift from your Grandson makes it even more special!
Love Sammy the Squirrel too :)

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

So pretty Ginger!!

mississippi artist said...

This does make one feel cooler just to look at. It has been miserably hot here! I love the green and white together and the touches of yellow are perfect.

Nee said...

Hi Ginger,

Just beautiful colors ... cool colors do make you feel cooler thanks for sharings :) ... my prayer group is out in full force for Ronnie and his family

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a happy table! I love the fun flower plates and the daisy napkin rings. The colorful flowers add just the right pop. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Ginger. I love the green and yellow!

Christine Graves said...

How cute is this table.....when it's just adorable! and if you ever invite me over for a meal....and that squirrel comes up missing....It wasn't me....LOL

Marlis said...

Ginger, your table is a delight. Love the use of the towel. Congrats to the newly engaged couple. Wishing them many years of joy and happiness. The stems are really pretty, as is the reticulated piece. Love polka dots myself. Hope your AC gets fixed!!! xo marlis

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ginger,
Isn't that Murphy's Law, that ACs quit on us during the dog days of August? We had that happen TWICE in our life... Also once in our new car when we had to pick up two young students in Atlanta at the airport. We were all melting away; just awful.
Good for you to use some older photos of this beautiful table setting. Indeed, I too love when that Tiger Oak is showing!
Wishing you and Mr. Bob some cool times soon.

Dawn@ We Call It Junkin.com said...

Love your table. I wouldn't have thought of using a beach towel but that's a great idea! It all looks wonderful! Continuing to pray for Ronnie & family. Hope your a/c gets fixed soon, I'm in SC and I know this is no time to be without a/c! Blessings- Dawn

Suzy Handgraaf said...

What a pretty table, Ginger! I don't think that I had seen this tablescape before. I think that the stripes look great with the polka dots. xo's

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Those polka dot and striped plates are so pretty...beautiful way of carrying out your color scheme.

Phyllis @Around the House said...

I loved this tablescape for so many reasons...it's so fresh and I love the dots...sorry to hear about your ac, that is not a good thing,,,Love that you understand the whole tablescaping thing of mix and match and use things from around the house, anyone can tablescape and it does not take a lot of money...just create...thanks for sharing your creative tablescape with us...

Kathy Moreland said...

Love the cool colors and polka dots!

Babs Richman said...

I remember this one! It's so pretty and I like your beach towel table cloth and that great reticulated bowl.I think we all should rerun some of our "old" posts. There are so many great ones out there that I know I've forgotten. Have a great weekend,
xo Babs

Debbiedoos said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Shelia Williamson said...

Hi Ginger! I love your pretty beach towel tablescape! You're very creative and it just looks wonderful. Hope you're cooled off by now!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

I love polka dots!! You did a great job creating such a whimsical table. What sunny spot to sit down to. Who knows how a sweet gift can come in handy! :)


How did I miss this gorgeous summer table, it's beyond me! The dishes with the dots are adorable and the colors so fresh, cheery and so summery. Thankful guests are wonderful because they want to reciprocate your generosity...I love the towel! Sorry about the AC problems my friend, what a drag it is, I'm sure por Bob is definetely NOT HAPPY with this...hope is fixed son! Have a nice weekend my sweet friend.

Kathleen said...

Lovely table, so nice and summery!
Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

Bev C said...

As much as I can tell from my internet research, Blogger does not recognize WordPress when it comes to replying to comments. If I comment on a blog that is not wordpress, I need to use my google id if I want someone to be able to reply. I had an old google id that I had not used in years. I updated it, and I will try to remember to use it to comment. But I probably won’t think about it since I am usually reading and commenting on different blogs rather quickly.

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