Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Memorial Day May 28, 2012
Sponsored by the Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club

During the holiday weekend, my daughter, son-in-law and I drove about twenty-five miles outside of Nashville to see this Memorial Tribute to our fallen  Heroes.
Hollie and Larry purchased a flag to honor, my paternal uncle, Homer Anderson who served
in Africa under Patton in World War II.
An attendant helped us locate the flag assigned to us and helped us attach my uncle's name.
Afterward we then walked through the nearly thousand flags. Since we were in Tennessee, it was not surprising that we ran across this flag.

This tribute honored Elvis Presley
He was drafted into the Army. 
On March 24 1958, he entered into service
and was discharged on 5 Mar 1960. 

The three of us wandered through row upon row of beautiful flags rustling in the breeze. Many of the flags had photos of handsome young servicemen. Many of them barely out of their teens. My heart grew heavy
as I reflected upon the fact that these young men were some one's son, husband, lover or father. We then saw this tribute that put it all in perspective. We saw in writing the price that these young heroes had paid.
 This handsome young serviceman, this son, husband and father would not come home to rear his son. His son had left a letter for his Dad. It was sealed in a plastic sleeve and attached to his Daddy's flag.
It was hard to photograph the letter in the bright sun, but it read as follows:

Dear Dad, 
I hope you love heven.  If I new you better that would be so cool.  Its awesome that you fought for our country. But I wish you hadent died.  If my Dad hadent died I would of known some cool things.
I love you Dad.

When we are sunning on the beach, barbecuing with friends and family, cruising the mall and especially when we vote this November, remember that this, forever absent, Daddy helped make it possible.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Come Sit In The Shade With Me!

Downtown Savannah, Georgia
is a truly beautiful Place!
source: google search
If you haven't visited our fair city,
I hope that you will.
source: google search
I want to share a secret with you!
All the beauty is not downtown!
A while back, my youngest daughter and I were out
shopping and decided to detour through 
a south side neighborhood.
What I saw caused me to have her turn around, 
go back and let me take a photo.
In Savannah, moss draped live oaks 
are a dime a dozen.
But Wait!!
There's More!
This lovely specimen is growing in the median. 
Still dime a dozen.
But Wait!
There's More!!
You can judge the size of this giant of a tree in comparison to the house and surroundings.
This beautiful Live Oak Tree, our state tree, 
with its graceful moss draped limbs has grown over the street.  One of the massive limbs has created a magical arch under which to drive, resting the end of the bough on the lawn across the street. 
I can show you all the well know attractions
in our lovely city and there are many.
However, I am constantly amazed at the beauty of our suburban neighborhoods. This was such a neat 
surprise, I just had to share.
But Don't Go There After Dark!
I hoped you enjoyed our suburbs.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Note Card Party

This is my first time joining 
the monthly Note Card Party

I chose four photos from previous posts that I think would make great note cards.

Since May is the month of flowers I chose flowers as my theme.
I hope you enjoy seeing these pretty blossoms again.

From a visit to Butchart Gardens

From My Garden
Formosa Azalea that flourishes in our area.

My Friend Marian's Garden
 Beauty Berry,  grows wild in our area.

From My Garden
Amaryllis, a pass along from my sweet MIL.
I hope you enjoyed my choices 
for my imaginary note cards
Happy Pink Saturday!
I will also be joining these parties, please join me.
A Haven for Vee
The Bunny Hop Party
Outdoor Wednesday
Show and Tell Wednesday
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Have you visited lately?

Live Oak Allée, Wormsloe Plantation, 
Savannah, Ga.


Another blogger told me recently that I didn't promote my Etsy Shop enough. I felt a little strange about about promoting myself but I am learning.

So...I am inviting you over to look around.



French Artist André Renoux


I will be featuring more items at
Common Ground 

Debra features Etsy Shops and other online boutiques
each Monday.
A perfect place to shop til your heart's content
all in one spot.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Took Kim's Advice!

It has been said that I don't often take advice!

Not So!!

Kim over at Savvy Southern Style shared her playtime over at Picmonkey. Check out both Kim and the monkey.

Well I decided to visit the monkey because I am missing picnik so much. I took one photo and tried several things with it. I think I may have tried some things
that are different from what Kim showed you.
Hope so!

The original

This was fun...Edifice and Warhol effects
This was done with "zoom focus".
Faded edges to which we are accustomed
This one was "posterized"
I think this was texture feature. So many I lost track.
Another texture effect. Not sure I like this one.
This is one of the script effects. Already had my name on it. Hmmm, OK, it's a cumputer thing. Sure, that's how it knows my name. Spooky!

This is the same as above but I added a frame and butterflies. I liked the frames on picnik much better.

This one is neat. I forgot what it's called.
About this time I was feeling frisky. I decided to see what was on Google+/Picasa.
It was a little harder to navigate but I was able to find some things. There were lots of decorations but I didn't like them. 

This was called focus B/W
This is an antiqued effect.
I ♥ this one!
Snap shot effect.
Focus Blur.
Well,  that's it for today. My assessment... Picasa will be OK when I get used to it. Picmonkey is fun but sparse and you can't make collages yet. There are a lot of sites out there but I miss Picnik. I haven't found any neat borders yet.  Big Huge Labs is good for simple mosaics. 
I do most of my basic editing in iPhoto that is on my Mac. It suits my simple needs in that catagory. 
What have you found out there? Share it with us here. 
Lynn at Happier Than A Pig In Mud knows a great effects site but I lost the link. Lynn, can you help us on that one?

I hope you had fun I did. 

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Really Don't Know!

Seriously, I need help!
I have no idea what these little fabric rectangles are or for what they may be used.
Any ideas out there.
They are a batiste like fabric but they are slightly sheer, as seen here.
Kim found these in a thrift shop. There are ten but five of them have small holes. Possibly from insects or enzymes from stains. 
I washed and lightly starched them. They are a pale shrimp color with the darker rooster.
We thought they may be cocktail napkins but the size, shape and the casual rooster design nixed that idea.
Maybe we are wrong...cocktail? They sure are sheer for a napkin, wouldn't stop a spill for me.
This is closer to the true color.
We even thought they might be supplies. Maybe a pocket for an apron but they are nicely finished on all sides. 
We purchased ten...maybe they were a set of twelve.
Each measures 8.25 X 5 inches.
Come on Ladies!
What's It?

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