Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vintage Garden?

Somewhat, you decide!!
I received three of these Amaryllis bulbs from my sweet MIL about 38 years ago.
I think that makes them vintage
Would you say they multiply like rabbits. For about 30 years I have been sharing these beautiful bulbs with neighbors and friends. You ride down our street in Spring and you see their relatives everywhere.

Sweet Hazel, my MIL, gave me the Saint Joseph's lilies at the same time.

Just awakening!

Let's see what's blooming out back.
The fence has only been up for two years. These Nikko Hydrangeas are 24 years old. They are all that remain of 30 hydrangeas we planted, in the wooded area, behind the fence. We had visions of a beautiful botanical garden. The deer had other ideas. We live in an area where the deer come onto your porch to eat your potted impatients.
These were saved by being transfered behind the large azaleas.

I had forgotten this little baby was still here.

Isn't this just perfect? These babies have been struggling for over 20 years also.
Don't know how this little guy got over to the gate. Think he is trying to make a getaway?
A gift from my youngest daughter several years ago.
 I was able to force it that Christmas and planted it outside in the spring.

I love these wrought iron garden armatures with the hummingbird top.

These followed me home from "Cheekwood Botanical Gardens" in Nashville, Tn.
They keep company with the real sippers that are always buzzing around.
Peek inside for just a moment!
Did you ever think about a bouquet of amaryllis?
This is my tablescape this week. Thursday I will be at

The flowers are vintage, sort of. The crochet piece is vintage. It was made by my dear Momma. The pattern is called milk glass. I can see it, can't you? You can see more of her work HERE
I have been shy this last week, getting ready for family Easter dinner. It was the first large meal I had prepared in over five weeks. My son and two of my grandsons had dinner with Bob and me.
We had a blessed holiday and I hope you did as well.
I hope to get the cast off this Thursday. They first wanted to set up the appointment on Friday. OH NO, I say, I will be at the Royal Wedding on Friday.
See you there!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Simple Easter Supper

Vintage Dishes Not The Food!!

Let's set up for a simple supper with friends to usher in the Holy Week.

Let's get started with Bob's free flowers. 
You can read more about the free flowers HERE.
Perk up last weeks roses.
You can revive fading flowers by submerging them in cold water, If they are not too far gone.
I was able to reuse these from a dozen.
Choose a container.
This was a thrift store find many years ago.

Aren't they cute?

Oasis in a food container. Bunnies, have a hairline crack.
Now to set the table.
The Blue Onion pieces are used daily and will be moved.
The beaded runner is from Pier One after Easter Sale.
The flowers in the bunnies are last week's.
Finished centerpiece on milkglass cake plate.
See how nice the roses look. They are a week old.
Placemat Dillard's 70% off sale. Large dinner plate, Dollar Tree. Using for greater contrast.

Dinner plate Homer Laughlin. Wedding gift 1958. Vintage enough?

Bunny plate, Pier One, same sale.
He keeps giving me the eye! I think he's flirting with me. I think he is cute too!
Looks like an egg cup. Not, we will having fruit. Kim brought these to me in March.
The sterling is Wallace's "Waltz of Spring". Did any of you pick out a silver pattern when you were a senior in high school. In the 50's this was the custom. This is the pattern I chose when I was l8 years old. I didn't have the money to purchase any at the time. I forgot about it and years later decided to see if I could find it. Yep!! I found it. It is now discontinued and is vintage!
The blue tinted goblet was part of our 12 day's of Christmas gift. You can read about it here
Now let's just look around before our friends arrive.

Palm fronds to remember the Palm Sunday.

These little houses are part of a lighted village. This I am using what happened to be on the first floor.
No one in this house felt like bringing the boxes down.

My daughters will laugh when they see I had this much stuff already downstairs.
Most was acquired after last Easter.

Better view of the cake plate. 

This is Bob and me. He's sooooooo sweet! Most of the time.

HA, HA! THE YOKES ON YOU!!! These are salt and pepper shakers. HomeGoods, this year.

I have used these votives previously but I love the white and It goes well here. Dollar Tree finds.
I truly hope that you have enjoy helping me set the table. Please leave a comment, they are like colored Easter eggs.
Have a blessed Easter Week!
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Monday, April 18, 2011



April 29th - May 1st
Savannah Rose Festival
Home Flower Show
sponsored by
Hospice Savannah
Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, Inc.
1388 Eisenhower Drive Savannah, Georgia 31411


The Blue of the water and the reflection of the trees set a tranquil mood.
There is a ten acre Botanical Garden on the southside of Savannah and it's beauty is breathtaking. Many Savannahians and Tourists aren't even aware of this "Secret Garden" It is an oasis tucked away near a parkway, a six lane boulevard, government and doctors offices, and a strip mall. Those in the know can be seen in the gardens, picnicking, strolling, and generally enjoying the solitude. 

The Reinhard House is an 1800's German farmhouse rescued from demolition and moved to the site.
It is used as headquarters for the Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, Inc.
The Savannah Area Council of Garden Club, Inc operates the Botanical Garden with the support of member garden clubs, and a multitude of volunteers.
Volunteers are guided by a host of Master Gardner volunteers. They are assisted by members of the community doing a good deed and some who just like to get their hands dirty.
SACGC, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is funded by member garden clubs, donations and small, special events held in the house or garden. Please visit their website HERE for additional information about the garden and the Savannah Rose Festival.
There is beauty along every path.
If you are going to be in the Savannah area between April 29th and May 1st you do not want to miss this "Spectacle of Spring in Savannah". It would make for a wonderful weekend. Better still plan a special trip to the Rose Festival then visit the rest of the Hostess City. Volunteers will be throughout the garden to make your visit memorable.  
Signs of Spring everywhere.

This and much more awaits you at the Savannah Rose Festival.

Please join us for a glorious weekend enjoying the Creator's gifts of natural beauty and the hardworking volunteers who are His stewards. See you there!

Savannah Rose Festival
Home Flower Show
April 29th - May 1st
1388 Eisenhower Drive
Savannah, Georgia

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