Saturday, March 31, 2012

Traditional Living Room in Savannah

Today, I would like to share a tour of my
 Savannah Living Room.
I have posted this previously but maybe some of you haven't seen it. Alison, at the Polo House was having a "Your Favorite Room" 
party so I dredged it up again. I hope you like what you see. If you do please leave a comment.

MONDAY, MAY 2, 2011
Living Room Tour

Today I am sharing some pictures of my living room. These pictures were taken before I knew to turn "off" the flash.
Come on in and make yourself at home!
The desk sits against  the left wall as you enter the living room from the foyer.
The bible belonged to my daddy, the old spectacles on the bible belonged to Bob's grandfather.
These photos were taken at a previous Easter. Most of my photos from this year turned out blurred.
Things are always changing in this room. 
I move things around often, 
it can morph several times a day..
View from foyer. The rug is too small but I haven't found the perfect one just yet.
I will know it when I see it. The solid wood floors are Rosewood.
Another view from the desk area. I sure am glad gold and brass are coming back.
If you hang in there long enough you'll be in style again!

The view to the right of foyer door. Sofa was purchased from a fire sale. Really! A local furniture had a small fire and they were selling this high end sofa for a song. It was reupholstered in this beautiful silk candlewick.

This gives you a better view of the sofa although the photo is not good. The art over the sofa is a vintage filet crochet piece. I found it in a thrift shop. It was in the same frame but with ugly burgundy background and mat.
I love it because it mimics the design in the sofa. It broke my heart that someone worked so hard to create this beautiful piece and it ended up in a thrift shop. I like to think I rescued said piece.

Close ups of the fabric
I made the valances and side panels. The valances are made from a Duralee silk fabric.
I made the dining room drapes from the same fabric.
Dining room drapes
We'll tour the dining room on another post.
The lamps by the sofa and on the desk are Waterford.
The large lamps were anniversary gifts, the small one was an ebay purchase.
The Baker secretary desk came from a local antique dealer and chair from a thrift shop. I upholstered the chair seat.

 Views from the family room
View into the family room and curio cabinets.
 Part of my Blue Transferware resides on top of the curios. 

The watercolor print is by Tina Fripp of Hilton Head. The house is the Rose Hill Plantation House, located near Hilton Head. A partial view of one of two curio cabinets.
Another view of Rose Hill

Another of Tina Fripp's works. This one is the Grand Ole Oglethorpe Hotel in Brunswick Georgia.
It was built in 1866 and unfortunately is now gone.
This is where the Boehm "Spirit of Bethlehem" is kept eleven months a year.

The ferns and palm are real. The greenery on top of the curios is fake. I can't water up there.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour. Please come back anytime. You are always welcome. 
I am joining the following gracious hostesses. Please link back to them for fun parties.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. If you are driving please take care.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Desert Rose Tablescape

                      Thanks Graphic #97
Thank you so much for your prayers, emails and kind conversation. I always knew bloggers were special people, even before I started blogging. Your kindness is uplifting and I treasure your friendship.
I plan on staying inside and lying low for the next couple of week. I will repost a couple of things and a couple of you have agreed to do a guest post for me.
Today I am reposting a tablescape I did last spring with my Desert Rose pattern by Franscisan. Most of it is vintage although I purchased it new. I stopped buying when Franscisan sold out and the new stuff got UGLY!
I hope you will enjoy this beautiful pattern and my interpretation


It is getting warmer and we have had 
a few beautiful days.

It was beautiful yesterday. I left for therapy early so I could go by GW. I have said before that our GW never has anything. I went anyway. 
As luck would have it I found this Longaberger look alike for on $1.00. Not quite the LB quality but really nice. For $1.00 it was going home with me.
I had planned to use this Irish runner buy decided to use it next week. Nice little basket, yes?

I like the way the handle curves

Sturdy for $1.00
I stopped at Kroger and picked up some Primrose for my centerpiece.  Bob came today bringing his free flowers, Pink Roses. That's when I decided to change what I had planned for the tablescape. I decided to use my Franciscan Desert Rose.

I used the pink roses and the primrose. 
I love these green and white placements. I think, in blog lingo, this is a vintage, chippy and shabby charger.
I added my vintage Franciscan Desert Rose dinner plate. I hate the new stuff they are selling. Won't buy it.

Pink salad plate

Forgot to get a pic of just the rimmed soup. Added linen and crochet, starched, napkin and yellow rose ring.

I love the Wallace sterling flatware, Waltz of Spring

Bob's free roses, forsythia and greenery from the yard.
I ended up using the primrose 

I have enough serving pieces to enjoy using them often, serving most anything. This would be a typical setting with family in the kitchen. I did a similar table with the same china for my daughter,
Kim, the last time she was in town.

Purchased votive holders during after Christmas sales.
The water goblets were a thrift store find. Pattern unknown. Only had four.

This is my favorite pic. I think I used it twice. That's OK, it's my fairytale.  Love the napkin rings, I got them from ebay. Ebay is gooooood.

relish dish was thrift store find
Bob thought this was a real rose. Our eyes are failing you know!

I just love the napkin rings. Did I say that before? The napkins are vintage. I think they go well with the charger.
I hope you have enjoyed my "Ode to Spring"
I am joining the following gracious hostesses

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Azaleas In Savannah

 They were glorious this Spring!
For the last three weeks we have been blessed 
with a magnificant display of our beloved 
Azaleas at their peak.
As you can see I got carried away 
with this large Bumble Bee.
Due to the warm winter the flowers were several weeks early but made a wonderful appearance for our
Saint Patrick's guests.
Alas, with the Azaleas comes the pollen. It has been early and heavy this year. Maybe that means it will be finished sooner.

I took all these pictures after a terrible windstorm. I think it was the one causing havoc in the rest of the country. I knew if I didn't capture some of the blossoms during the lull they would gone for sure.

We have many pines so therefore lots of pollen and pinestraw. We have never had to purchase pinestraw but we could sell some pollen.
That is our dog, Elvis, in the background. That is pollen on his back.
 The next three pics are my son's dog.
R. D. (red dog)
 R. D. has a fetish about plastic bottles. He saw this on the counter a couple of days ago 
and begged for said bottle.
As you can see, Elvis is well behaved. I don't know if it shows up or not but the porch is covered in yellow pollen.  All fabric items are inside for the duration.
When empty and rinsed he will carry it around for hours. Big ones like this he has to carry by the cap.
After hiding and retrieving it from several locations he will begin to crush it (You, know that commercial?). We are very careful and take it away once the surface has been broken. He doesn't want to bite through it,
 just crush it and make lots of noise.

Just like Savannah in the Spring.
A little pink! A little green!

Have a wonderful weekend

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