Kahlua Brownies With Ice Cream And Strawberries
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Mrs. Susie Oglesby's Famous Fruitcake Recipe

1 1/2 - one and one/half pounds -  Glazed Cherries - Red and Green
1 1/2 - one and one/half pounds -  Glazed Pineapple - Red and Green
1 1/2 - one and one/half pounds - Pecans, broken
1/2 - one half pound - coconut
1/2 - one/half pound - butter
2 - two cups - sugar
3 - three cups - cake flour
6 - six - eggs
one tablespoon - vanilla
one tablespoon - lemon, brandy flavoring. I use two shots of Brandy. 
Chop Glazed fruit into small, not tiny, pieces. Mix fruit, pecans and coconut. Do not flour. Set aside.
Cream butter and sugar until well blended. Alternately, add eggs, flour and flavorings until well blended. You should have a stiff batter, similar to a pound cake batter.
Combine cake batter with fruit. You will need a very large bowl or a large dutch oven for this. You can blend with a large spoon or use your hands.
Place mixture into a large tube pan that has been lined with waxed paper and greased. I use canola oil.
Place tube pan on a cookie sheet. 
Bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes.
Reduce over to 275 degrees and bake for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
After cool remove from pan. 
Sprinkle with Rum or Brandy. Wrap in plastic wrap, foil wrap. Store in a covered cake plate. If desired, open and reapply Rum or Brandy weekly.

After about a month, slice and enjoy.
Ginger Knox, October 28, 2011


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