Sunday, May 29, 2011



Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
On November 2, 2010 Bob and I were standing here. You may remember, that was National Election Day in the USA.  That fact was not lost on the little group of Americans who visited Normandy, France with us that day.
Tears came to my eyes when I thought about the young men who gave their lives here June 6, 1945.
Without their sacrifice we might not have had the same election that we were having. I wondered if anyone in my homeland made that connection as they cast their vote (Bob and I had voted earlier).

To a size of 172.5 acres, the Normandy American Cemetery has 9,387 burials of US service men and women. Of this number, some 307 are unknowns, three are Medal of Honour winners and four are women. In addition there are 33 pairs of brothers buried side by side. It is estimated that 5,000 died on D-Day at Omaha Beach. (This paragraph of text and additional information can be found HERE.
I took all of the photographs on that visit.)
The English Channel in the background
All Faiths
These young men were from all over the USA and Territories

The spirit in this place was strange. There was a peace of sort but a troubled air. Don't think I am crazy but I felt a sense of unfulfilled promise. I looked across this vast field of monuments and wondered what amazing things the young souls could have accomplished? Was there a cure for cancer or miracle drug among these plots? It is a sad place but you come away with renewed resolve and dedication to our Freedom. It must be guarded and defended. These souls deserve no less.

"The Sprit of American Youth Rising from the Waves"
This weekend as we cookout, swim, visit with friends and family or just veg out remember that Freedom is Not Free! It was paid for and we will continue to pay the price. As you look into the faces of your children, ponder.
Will we be willing to Give All. THEY DID!


As we give thanks for these and all the brave heros who protect us please join the following sites for inspiration.
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Please leave me comment to let me know you visited.
Ginger :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Third Pinkday!!!


It's time to PARTY!!
Thank you sweet Beverly for hosting this fabulous party each Saturday. Not only are you a sweet and thoughtful blogger friend, you are a real trooper!
Three years, WOW!


Pink is a wonderful color and reveals a positive emotion as "In The Pink". I hope everyone is in the pink today as we help our lovely hostess with the mostest, Beverly, celebrate.

I love the color pink but since I am addicted to blue I have to scour the house for a lot of Pink. Some of the pink I am posting today is from me and some are pictures I have taken elsewhere. They are all my pictures.
What do you do if you have a beautiful fountain that stays clogged with pine straw.  After replacing the motor three time you do this!
I just did this, this week. I may go back and get more petunias. I can't wait for it to fill out.
My first coneflower. 
Our fence has only been up for two years so my garden is still sparce. I am eager for everything to mature.
My daughter gave me this "Crazy Daisy". Not pink but I thought you might enjoy.
Love this little fellow. I know it is in the iris family but don't know his name. A gift from a friend.
No other pink in the garden just now. The following are from a trip on our 50th anniversary. We stopped at Buchart Gardens in Victoria, B. C. Canada.

For Memorial Day we will just be lazy. Hanging around the house. Mostly the front porch.
We will probably look a little like Elvis, here. He doesn't bark but he gives each visitor the eye!
 This weekend, honor our fallen soldiers, those who died in service to our country and to the elderly veterans who are still carrying the scars of war. They are the reason we are free to relax and enjoy our families and loved ones this weekend.

Again, congratulations to Beverly. We are here as long as you keep inviting us. 
Ginger :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



My youngest grandson, Jon and his friend, Jade traveled from Nashville, Tn. to visit Bob and I for a few days. I mentioned in an earlier post, Jon just finished his first year at Belmont University in Nashville. This was his first road trip to visit us without his parents. 
Jon and Jade. Yes, he is 6ft 3in.
Over the years, the three grandsons who live out of state have made their way to our little paradise. For years they spend part of the summers here. As young adults they came alone and sometimes with friends.  It was a safe destination for one's first road trip and/or to spend spring break. Besides, we are experienced chaperones.  Free room and board and the beach nearby. What could be better? Bob and I realize that we are blessed with a unique relationship with these young men. We are so thankful that they still enjoy spending time here.
Our time with Jon and Jade was special. We are glad their parents smiled upon their trip.

One day we made a picnic lunch and drove over to the University of Georgia Aquarium on the island. It is  part of a large complex including the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and facilitates the study of nearby Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary.  It is one of the largest near shore live-bottom reefs of the southeastern United States.
We had a nice picnic overlooking the bluff.
I would have posted this as a tablescape if not for the wind and someone kept eating the centerpiece. The centerpiece was holding the napkins.
Jon and Jade walked the Jay Wolfe trail dedicated to an island resident who was devoted to the preservation our island's natural treasures and the world as a whole. It was a pleasure to have known this wonderful man.
This is the Skidaway Narrows/Intracoastal Waterway. 

Moon River of Johnny Mercer fame is just beyond the marsh and to the west.

While the young folk walked the trail Bob and I sat on the bluff and enjoyed the views and the breeze.
Wonder how long these have been around. We're told some were here during the American Revolution.
We were fortunate enough to see a large group of dolphin playing.
We sat and watched the free show for about 30 minutes. 
It was a great day!
Another day we did the museum tour. Not a lot of pictures there. Rules you know.

Were able to take a few pictures in the Children's Museum. Turns out it was one of our favorite places. 
We acted silly giggled a little and generally misbehaved. I said I was a chaperone not a role model!!
Sheila, does this count as my "Bathroom Diva" shot?
This was some kinda techy thing. She holds that card in her hand and the image of the pop up book
follows her hands.

Everyone gets into the act.

Everybody gets in on this one!

Oh well, enough of the silliness. The kids spent their last two days at the beach. I had dinner waiting when they got back. I cooked and cooked and they ate and ate. I loved every minute. Pretty good arrangement, don't you think? 
They've now gone home to start summer jobs and I really miss them. Bob and I will be in Nashville the last week of June. Can't wait to get a few more hugs. I love our youth after all they are our future. 

Have you had summer visitors yet? If so what did you 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Weekend IS Here!!

I have been awol this week cause I have been playing Cinderella!
I've been scrubbing, cleaning and polishing. During my six weeks of leisure very little cleaning got done around here. Mind you, the health department didn't get a call, but.....
Bob is a wonderful cook, he kept us fed and kept the laundry going but housekeeper, NOT!

I was playing Cinderella because my Prince Charming will be here on Tuesday. My youngest Grandson, Jon, is coming to visit. He just finished his first year of college at Belmont University, in Nashville, Tn. This will be his first time visiting without Mom and Dad in years.
Although everything is not quite ready for His Majesty  I am taking a break this weekend. 
Let's visit the Savannah Rose Festival held the first of this month. I will step back and just let you look and enjoy. 

Hmmm, good crowd.

Children's Garden

Rose Martinis and good conversation

In addition to the Roses the festival featured a Home Flower and Horticultural Show.
Yoo Hoo!!
This vintage flower is a winner 
Grandma Hazel would be proud! 
This baby's companion blossom won Blue Ribbon

You can read about the origins of this plant HERE!

The roses peaked over a week earlier and we had a torrential rain the night before opening.  Despite those minor setbacks the festival was a smashing success and the planning and work has begun for next year.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and found it relaxing.
Now! Carpe diem! 
I am joining these awesome hostesses. Please link back to their parties for more
fun and inspiritation.

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