Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do You Remember?

Without going into a lot of detail,
I have been a little "Under the Weather"
the last couple of days.

When I lie in bed for any time I start
to reminisce.
I was also thinking about this post!
I had been wanting to do this for sometime.



1.  Do you remember... how much did your first child's delivery cost?
Robby, my first child was born in the spring of 1958. There were many mores at that time that I disliked but that would take an entire post. I was under the care of  Dr. Weinberg who was a well respected OBGYN in Atlanta. For the seven months of great care and the delivery of my first born he charged a whopping $150.00
We were very excited that our firstborn was a beautiful and healthy boy. However, as a boy  the expectation was, to have him circumcised. For that torture we were billed an additional $15.00. I was glad that Dr. Greenberg was Jewish and probably had lots of experience.

The customary four day in the hospital was an additional $150.00

I think we got a bargain. 
Grand Total
 bouncing baby boy
8 lb 2 oz
19 inches long

2.  Do you remember...June bugs                  and Lightning Bugs?

I know, now days, I would be subject to investigation by the EPA, FBI, CIA, KGB. A Special Prosecutor will surely be appointed after this post.

We tormented poor insects both day and night.

During the day, we looked for the largest and most perfect June Bug we could find. The stronger and more perfect he was, the longer he would hold up.

We would get a length of heavy string from mama and tie the string to one hind leg of the big bug. What fun we had twirling that length of twine round and round our head. We were rewarded with the neatest humming sound. When that hind leg would break, we would tie it to the other and continue our childish dance. 

Come nightfall the torture moved on to those wonderful and mysterious lightning bugs. First you get the jar. It would have to be from a "store bought" item. Mama's wouldn't give us a canning jar. After the holes were put in the top, mama did the hole punching, we were out our respective doors. We ran, we chased, we fell down, we got up and caught the awesome creatures, in flight, placing them in our jars. We felt like we had captured the moon. 

We were just children having fun as we knew.
I would use my jar of magic as a night light. I always expected the magic to still be there at dawn. Alas, the magic had dies and I wondered why. I, now, know one cannot hold magic captive.

3.  Do you remember telephone "Party Lines"?
I remember our first telephone. It was one of those black bakelite telephones that everyone is gaga over now. We were gaga over it then. 

You could have a four party-line or a two party-line. We had a two party-line. You would be assigned a ring tone. Not like todays musical menagerie. You would had a long ☎☎☎☎☎ ring or a short ☎.. ☎ .. ☎ ring. It was easy to distinguish the difference. 

Party lines were fun! Being an only child, I had to create fun and games. I can remember the fun I had, easing up the receiver as quietly as I could. You had to be careful and not breath into the microphone. That wasn't a problem, after all you were listening not talking. 
Yes, it was fun! Until mama caught you! I remember her taking the phone, she put it on the cradle too hard. Now they would definitely know someone was listening. I would get a swat on the backside. I never felt a thing through the dress and petticoat (yes I wore dresses with dreadful sashes). 
Then I would hear "Ginger, that's not ladylike, and besides Mrs. XXXX will think that was me". I thought, "Well now she will, you put the receiver down too hard". 

Funny, I never heard any neighborhood gossip, nor anything racy or even interesting. I think it was mostly the intrigue of the technology and the fact that I could hear strangers talking to one another, in another location on a machine.
And yes, they usually knew someone else was on the phone!

4.  Do you remember the first time your noticed the price of gasoline and how much it was?
I remember my daddy pumping gas at a little station with two pumps, a tiny building and a narrow gravel drive. It was in Atlanta at the intersection of Gordon Road and Hightower Road. I don't know if those roads even exist now. The price was 15¢ per gallon. Yes, I said 15¢ per gallon.
I don't know why I remembered that. I have related that memory to my children several times. I do know, I never had an inkling that on this day I would pay $3.79 per gallon at Sam's and think I got a bargain.

I hope my journey down memory lane was interesting. I fear, I let you know more about me than I should. Yep! I was an only child, spoiled, precocious, inquisitive. As we would say in the day, a "Smarty Pants".


Please leave a comment. Share something you remember from the past.  I plan to do this again next week and I would like to feature some of your memories. No Linky, just sharing your memories.

Have fun!

Blessings, Ginger

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Balance Your Life Road Tour!

of "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime TV
was our host, as some Savannah Area Bloggers
got together Saturday at the 
Southern Women's Show - Savannah

First, we met for lunch at
Rocks On The River Restaurant
located in the 

Bohemian Hotel on the Savannah River 

What a lovely group of lovely ladies.
From left to right:
Me -
My choice for lunch
 Fried Green Tomatoes
She Crab Bisque

Summer's sweet hubby, Kyle, 
is the Assistant Restaurant Manager.
Kyle treated us like Royalty.
Did I tell you that we were lovely?
Kyle recognized that!
If you visit Savannah be sure to go visit him.
After lunch we headed to the Savannah Trade Center on Hutchinson Island and met up with
Adriana - La Dulce Vida ~ The Sweet Life.

We had a grand welcome!

Randi Farina 
of The Balancing Act Tour Group
met us at the door 
and a principal of the Southern Women's Shows gave us a overview tour of the hall.

We got sit in the audience for a
"Balancing Act" taping with

This segment was a very interesting yet poignant
lecture to me. My next door neighbors are struggling with cancer.  
Part of the focus was on the caregiver. I found great truth in their assessment of the difficulties 
for the patient and their loved ones 
as I see that played out with my dear friends.
I will be featuring 
other TBA partners in future posts and including some giveaways from some of them.
Of course girls just gotta have fun.

Kim, That guy is giving you the "Googlie Eye"!

Debbie just spied a "Blue Light" special on the
other side of the convention hall!

Cherry and Summer are animated conversationalists!

Aren't they adorable.

As you will notice I just hung out with the guys.

I really WAS happy about this photo op. The one with me smiling was blurry.

In part two of our tour I will tell you
about the "Big Fish" on the block.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


A dear friend from Glosgow, Scotland
frequently sends me emails
that reflect the British humor or culture.
I thought this one was worth sharing.


I already knew I was thicker than 11 year olds ...But now it's the pre-schoolers??  


Which way is the bus below travelling?
To the left or to the right?

Can't make up your mind?
Look carefully at the picture again.

Still don't know? 

Pre-schoolers all over the United Kingdom  were shown this picture and asked the same question. Ninety percent of the pre-schooler's gave this answer. 

"The bus is travelling to the right."

When asked, 
"Why do you think the bus is travelling to the right?" 

They answered: 
"Because you can't see the door to get on the bus." 

How do you feel now???

I know, me too.
I quickly emailed Ian to tell him that, here, the bus would be traveling to the left. I added, I still would have not gotten the answer correctly.

Hope you enjoy the laugh!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Southern Women's Show - Savannah
Friday February 17 - Sunday February 19 2012

 I was contacted by someone representing the show's producers recently.
They were contacting bloggers in Savannah and the surrounding area
and offering them the VIP treatment. Special tour including behind the scenes adventures. A chance to meet some celebs.

I am in!


I will be attending on Saturday and getting to meet other Savannah Bloggers. I will be back later with pictures and stories.
Rembember, if you are in the area come on down and join us, I will be the old broad in "RED".
I am sure to be the only one in red.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Worthing Court Giveaway!!

An Artful Giveaway At

Suzy is having a great giveaway!
Please visit her neat blog
and enter for this beautiful artwork!

Go ahead and enter here
but I hope you DON'T WIN!
You see, I am hoping I win!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Texting While Driving....Equals

2009 Volkswagen Jetta before texting

2009 Volkswagen Jetta after texting
November 16, 2009

If you text or read texts while driving 
The photo above is my daughter's auto after being
being hit from behind, while she was sitting still, by a driver texting. 
 The driver never attempted to stop before impact. 
He was busy texting!

2011 Ford Focus before texting
2011 Ford Focus after texting
February 2, 2012

The three photos above are of the auto my son was driving last Thursday night. He was hit by a driver texting. The driver never attempted 
to stop before impact. 
She was busy texting!

Our Family Is Blessed!
While my daughter is alive and reasonably well she still suffers from excruciating
headaches and has developed 
a type of Neuropathy in her neck 
and the back of her head. 
My son is bruised, battered and is having vision problems in one eye. He had to be cut from the vehicle as the car bowed/bent and all doors were jammed. An EMT on her way to work was first upon the scene, summoned help and stayed by his side until he got to the hospital.
Yes, I believe in Angels!
He has been with us weekend and will continue undergoing evaluation in the days and weeks ahead.

We were the lucky ones. Many accidents caused by texting drivers end
in tragic deaths.

"Texting while driving likely caused more than 16,000 road fatalities between 2002 and 2007, a new study finds."
The study, which public safety officials say is yet yet another wake-up call about the dangers of cellphone use in automobiles, was released Thursday by the American Journal of Public Health. It comes on the heels of the US Department of Transportation’s second annual Distracted Driving Summit, during which Secretary Ray LaHood called for even more action to combat what he called a “unsafe, irresponsible, [and] devastating” behavior.
Distracted driving, Mr. LaHood said at this week’s conference, “is an epidemic. It’s an epidemic because everyone has a cellphone – and everyone thinks they can use it while driving. They can’t.”

Please share this post with everyone 
in your household who drives.
Ask them to take a 
"Family Pledge"
that they will

Please remember my son Robby in your prayers.
I am sharing here:
While we are all trying to figure out what is going to happen with our non-blogger followers when GFC closes, I hope you will elect to click on one of the different options on my sidebar. I can be followed by GFC, Linky, Networkblogs, Facebook and Email. Your friendship is important and I want to keep in tough. Blessings, Ginger

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Woodland Table

I had several pieces
that inspired this simple tablescape
For Two
 I picked up this basket many years ago at a consignment store.
I couldn't decide if the handle was wood or horn. With some help, I finally decided it is wood. 
 My son brought this adorable pitcher to me from
Yosemite National Park.

No, this is not a shoe for "bigfoot".
I bought this wooden bowl/plate from the same consignment store. 
It was made by Jack Carpenter
In Brasstown, N. C. 
Mr. Carpenter retired in September 2011
after being at the school for fifty years.
This is a facinating place 
you can read at the above link.

I have to mention "Bob's" Bob glasses. My daugher gave him a set and he loves to use them. 
This one says "Looking good Bob".
 I start with these neat placemats
embroidered with pinecones
From the Dollar Tree, yep, $1.00 each
 Natural woven charger with
Smith Taylor Smith "Sierra Brown"
 Taylor Smith Taylor salad plate
 TST "Sierra Brown" bowl
The soup crocks were gifts from daughters in the
"Twelve Days of Christmas" spectacular of 2009
 Homespun napkins, gift from Kim.
I plan to jazz them up for another table.
 Flatware from Horchow. There are a lot of these
in blogland. I like the black that I have seen.

I dug up the ornamental cabbage from the flower beds. 
The fern is from the front porch 
and the Lantana is still blooming.
Since this was a table for two I put the fru fru at the other end of the table.
I already had the two natural orbs.
R. D.(red dog), my granddog and I enjoyed our walk to gather lichen. We also chased a few squirrels.
I even treed one, but R. D. made me move along.
 This litle log is actually a squirrel feeder 
turned votive holder. 
 Not sure my little friend is happy about the upcycling.

 Sweet little family but I wouldn't want
to mess with THEM in the wild!
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