Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chalk it up to "Chalk Paint"

I know you are creative 
or you wouldn't be a part of the blog forum!

Isn't this so clever and cute? The shop is alive with wonderful Christmas characters.

Hop over to Robyn Story Designs 
to check out the shop,
 it's decked out in Christmas finery. 
The shop is overflowing
 with all new and inspirational decorations
 for the upcoming holiday season.

While you are visiting check out the details for their
"So You Think You Can Create"contest. 
This is a great contest with a more than generous prize
 and support for a thought provoking and worthy charity. 

Don't be left out,
 show us what you can do with Chalk Paint. 
You know you're the best !! Go for it!!
Go HERE to get all the details!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bedroom Reveal/hidden window

At last!!
More than two plus years!
The hand trimmed border was a big deal in the 80's. It was an even bigger deal to my daughters.
The oriental screen hides a window. The community architectural demons committee said it had to be there.
Be damned what you have to do inside, put that window where they say!!
Two years ago it looked like this! It was beautiful in the 80's but life goes on. Under threat of demolition from my daughters, I began the daunting redecorating project.
Remember I promised a new window treatment Here goes!
That "dang" window is still there!

There's that window again!
Remember this tease picture several months ago. Yeh, Yeh, I know. I told you it took two years.

Some years ago I invested in an air powered upholstery staple.
If you love to do this sort of thing it is a wise purchase!
Now, isn't that better than the screen!
I had our carpenter build the support frame and I had plywood cut to fit. It was then a simple thing to pad and cover the front and sides. I purchased several fabrics but everything I brought home screamed! Kim had a linen look curtain panel left over from something and it worked perfect. The lined panel has been up for some time. We hung the picture (had been in the master bath) yesterday.
If you don't like a window, make it disappear!

Over the next two years:
I made curtains.

You can read about the curtains HERE.

I made a bedskirt.

You can read about the bedskirt HERE.

I made some pillows and a bolster.

I used an old Sarah Coventry brooch to add bling to the ribbon>

This was an existing pillow. I added roses made from the bolster fabric.

The decoration is another brooch. Since I have retired they don't get to come out and play often.
I am enjoying looking at them.
Boy, I have got to get a new camera. I thought I tweaked the colors. 

I have finally gotten around to adding accessories. I am going to be quiet, maybe, and just show you some pics.

My two daughters.

Waterford stingray! Ever swim with them? I did, creepy though.

My spot to rest!
The camera is really playing tricks. My son says the colors, which all really do match, show up differently because the varied finishes absorb and reflect color differently. Works for me but I don't like it. Maybe a better camera?

My spot for a little respite!

I made this pillow also.

Did not make this one!

The picture frame.

A few textural closeups!

Obviously my side of the bed!

Vintage twin bedspread.
If you want a window to disappear,
Whew, If you made it this far, you must be exhausted!
I am, but it took me two years!
If you still have it in you, Please leave a comment. Let me know what you think.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hint of Autumn!! Really?

I am reviving this post that I published during my first month of blogging. Be kind, now!
I am joining Chari at



Free Centerpiece!!

My Sweetie Brings me flowers every Wednesday!! 
My Sweet Old Bob has been doing the grocery shopping 
for many years. He took on the chore after I had back surgery.
He thought he did a better job than I and I never told him any different.
For a year or so I thought he was such a sweetie
and still romantic after 50 plus years (he truly is a sweetie). 
One day I accompanied him on his Wednesday shopping trip.
The produce manager comes up to "Mr. Romantic" and says
"Mr. Bob don't forget to pick up "the little lady's" flowers today".
It seems the produce manager actually
GIVES him a bouquet of his choice each week.
My sweetie is a retired food broker and really chews the "fat"
with everyone each week. They apparently love his visits.
That particular week, the produce manager got the kiss, on the cheek, instead of
"Mr. Romantic".
So you see, I get flowers, sweet old Bob gets a bargain (and a kiss) 
and the staff at the market enjoys hearing about the "golden olden days".
Everyone Wins!
I hope you enjoy the beautiful arrangement that results.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thrifty Vintage Finds

New Tablescaping Finds!
I am so excited about this pretty set of dishes!

You are very likely to see these turn up in a Tablescape in the near future.
My Daughter who lives in Illinois is always on the lookout for dishes, for her addicted mother. You might say she feeds my addiction. She recently found this delicately beautiful set at one of her favorite haunts.
The dishes are Taylor Smith Taylor and the pattern is "Celeste".

The Taylor, Smith & Taylor Pottery was founded in 1899 by C. A. Smith and Col. John N. Taylor, using the facilities of the Taylor, Smith & Lee Pottery.   TS&T began operations as a nine-kiln pottery employing approximately 50 people.  In the early days of production only local clays were used.  Later, TS&T bought clay from Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida.  TST´s plant was the largest and most automated in the United States.  More than 50,000 dozen pieces were produced per week by the firm´s 500 employees.
In 1903 the Taylor interests were purchased by W. L. Smith and his son.  The firm remained under the Smith ownership and management until early 1973 when the plant was purchased by Anchor Hocking Corporation to become the foundation of its Pottery Division.
For many years both earthenware and fine china bodies were used.  The Lu Ray Pastels was one of TS&T most popular lines.  The china body was discontinued in the early 1970´s.  TS&T closed in 1981.
Source: Robbins Nest Replacement Service
This china is whiter than in this pic.
It is a clean white with little grey/silver swirls and blue dots as stylized flowers and platinum trim.
Isn't this the sweetest little cup and saucer. Kinda of prissy, I think!
The six piece place settings will be very versatile.
This is the basic place setting.
 It appears this was originally a service for twelve. Some of the cups are missing and one has a small chip. I will use that one if necessary.  Do you ever do that? Discretely use the chipped or imperfect dish?
There are twelve dinner plates and fifty-five pieces in all.
The price was $28.00 total. Thrifty deal, don't you think? Kim is a great little shopper. Her mama taught her well.
If you are not already doing this, use cheapo paper plates for dish protectors. Works great, costs less and if you break the dishes you can eat out of the paper plates. No Waste!
Recently I purchased this beautiful stemware through Ebay.
I was looking for something delicate and etched. I took a chance on these because the pictures on Ebay showed up as being very cloudy. After some messaging with the seller I decided to take a chance. I think they are awesome!

Because I was still antsy, I purchased the water goblets, white wines and cordials. I passed on the tall sherbet/champagnes. My mistake. 
The water goblets and the wines have a flower, wispy leaf stem and little round dots/berries. I think they match the china beautifully. The cordials are a little different pattern.
The seller didn't know the pattern nor did I. I sent a photo to Replacements Ltd. and they sent me the name of the maker, pattern and price list. I did GOOD! I bought eight each of the water goblets and wines for $5.00 each and the cordials were seven for $5.99. This seller's shipping was nominal. Less than gas for a day of thrifting.
The manufacturer is Arcadia Export-Import and the pattern is "Orlean". This pattern was discontinued in 1951. Some information says it is German and some sources listed Hungary.
Replacements lists the water goblet at more than three times what I paid.

I have some other vintage goodies around the house, including me. I will use those to create a "Thrifty Vintage Tablescape" coming soon. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please leave a comment.

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