Friday, September 30, 2011


Autumn ... Maybe Tomorrow!
The forecast is for cooler weather. Starting tomorrow and for the next week the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid 70's. 
I have been doing a little digging in those boxes and came up with an old wreath. A little tweaking here and there, add a little this and that and you have a new/old free fall wreath.

Babs, I keep finding roosters I never knew I had. He's been hiding upstairs for a year or so. Funny, I never heard any crowing.
 I have been seeing a lot of crows and blackbirds around blog land lately. A large one had landed on the screened porch, out back. I grabbed him by the neck and brought him, squawking, to the front. If he expects to eat he will have to work for his food. He is now the official greeter! 
You hit a dog with one of my biscuits, you kill the dog!
WELL, I once threw some biscuits, out back, to feed the birds. Bob came in the room rolling with laughter. Upon going to the window, I see the crows dunking my biscuits in the birdbath (true story) . What an insult!!! This crow is gonna work for his biscuits, soggy or not.
 The only thing I purchased for the porch was three potted mums from Sam's Club. I placed one in the cute pot above. 
With those googlie eyes, I am not sure if Mr. Crow is watching over this mum, in the vintage cold bucket or  flirting with me.  Probably wants a biscuit. 
I am using some faux pumpkins. It's too hot to put out real ones here, just yet.

Bye, for now!
I will be back with more "Fall" soon. 
Tomorrow I will be working at the Botanical Garden's Fall plant sale. It is going to be a beautiful day.
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There is no sight of fall color
within seventy-five miles!!
But I am loving all the fall color in blog land.
You have dragged me kicking and screaming
but I give up!!

It was ninety degrees here today but FALL is really HERE!
I see it in beautiful examples all over blog land.

I decided if I didn't get started I would never get to the finish line...Thanksgiving. This afternoon I sat down with some boxes from the guestroom closet (I'll have to show it to you, someday. It is really scary. Maybe for Halloween!).
 This urn was sitting in the garage, partially painted silver. I didn't like how it was turning out so I just quit. I had some aged iron spray paint and thought that would be good for fall.
 You can just barely make out the grape design .
I already had everything except these little pumpkin thingies and some small scented pine cones that I purchased recently.

It was extremely difficult to position the green pumpkin. It is very irregularly shaped, just like a real pumpkin. I finally decided to go with the flow and get the best overall fit.
 This is what usually resides in the foyer. I thought this would be a good place for my first "Pumpkin Topiary".

Whew! I'm in... the season. As has oft been said   Happy Fall Y'all!!
I'm working on more fall decor to show you soon.

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Sure makes me happy!

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Monday, September 26, 2011


Modern look pumpkin!
My daughter, Kim, picked up orange colored garments at GW and created some pumpkins for her Fall decor. 
They were having a clothing sale, everything that fits in one bag for $2.00. She went through and bought all the orange.
The one above was made from a colorful scarf and is one of my favorites.
I think this one is a man's polo type shirt.
She sent these pics from her phone and they are varying sizes.
This appears to be a man's sport shirt.
Kim did tell me this one is very large!

I Think this one is a woman's dress.

She gathered the fabric, with a rubber band or decorative fabric scraps, around sticks for the stems. They are filled out with plastic bags.

I think these turned out great. What do you think. 
Easy peasy, yes!

I will post an update when I see how she displays these.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Frightening but beautiful!

You can see a small plane just above this caption.
My Son took this photo with his Iphone this afternoon.
He was at a small private airport in coastal Georgia.
Not sure if this is just a bad storm or what.
We did have tornado warnings for that area this afternoon. Haven't heard anything on the news yet.
Please pray for those in this area.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thrifty Tablescape/100th POST

100th POST!!
I never thought I would make it!
It really slipped up on me.
I will celebrate in a special way with you soon.

Today's tablescape is created from things thrifted or things I have had for a long time. So it is Vintage/Thrift.
 The flowers were thrifted from my dwindling garden of blooms. I went out this morning trying to find a stray blossom here or there. I came up with a few dried hydrangea, a little ivy, lavender foliage, white angelina and a few sprigs of Russian sage. The container, a Waterford presentation piece was purchased in Dublin, Ireland in the early 80's. Not thrifty!
I very seldom put anything in this piece and only for a very short time.
 The etched stemware was purchased on eBay recently at $5.00 per stem for the water goblets and white wines.
The cordials were 7 for $5.99. I would say that was thrifty. It is "Orlean"by Arcadia of Hungary or Romania according to what site you are reading. 
I really love the delicate look of these stems. There is even etching on the bulbous part of the stem. I am not a good photographer and couldn't capture that.
My oldest daughter bought these pretty dishes for me from a thrift shop in Illinois. It was originally a service for twelve (a few pieces are missing) that she purchased for about $30.00. Thrifty! They are Celeste by Taylor Smith Taylor. Some sources indicate they were distributed as premiums. Not sure, this person had collected a service for twelve.
A plain silver charger with simple dinner plate, paired with four blue and white salad plates purchased at a church bazaar and two milk glass salad plates.
The salad plates are marked in Chinese and then English.... made in China.

The knife is haunted. I straighten it, lift the camera and the knife has moved. Do you have haunted flatware?
A fruit/sorbet dish and bread plate complete the china setting. The silver threaded napkin and metal woven napkin rings were sale items from Dillard's.
The flatware is Stratford sterling by International. It was introduced in 1902 and is now discontinued. The pieces are ornately decorated with carnations. I have collected it over a number of years. Some of it has engravings "1905". Vintage/thrifted.
Isn't that salad fork awesome. I just love it! Every piece in this collection is beyond beautiful.
You can see many more examples of this beautiful pattern HERE.

Each of my sterling salt spoons are purposely different.
In my collection of open salts there are few duplications.
I was unable to successfully photograph each one on the table.

 Vintage American Brilliance
The candlesticks have been around here for some time.
Pair of doves purchased at a Home Decor Party in the 60's. I think everyone has these.

Boehm porcelain cherubs. Part of my nativity.
I wanted to include a shot of the milk glass salad plate and our dining chairs. Bob and I reupholstered the chair seat several years ago when I made the drapes.
I am most proud of this project, my silk drapes. Boy, was I afraid to cut that fabric. Just playing around with a different holdback. Very inexpensive reproduction holdback.
A view to the foyer. I find it interesting that a fat lady loves mirrors so. But.... I do!
Interesting reflections are one reason to love mirrors.
My vintage "French Lace" tablecloth. HERE
A picture to show how the oversized cloth worked out.

Ahhh! Candlelight!

You can tell I faked it! It was late afternoon. If I had waited until darkness I would never have gotten this posted. 

Thank you to all the fabulous new friends I have made through this medium called "Blogland".
Each of you have been so kind, caring and helpful to a "Senior Citizen" trying to keep up with you young'uns.
You are a wondrous virtual family and some of you have or are becoming reality. 
I would have never thought I could come up with 100 posts. 
Somehow you have embraced my attempts at being noteworthy. For that a huge.

I am partying with these fabulous hostesses:

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