Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time To Cool Down!

 It is sweltering in Savannah this time of year!
Everyone is looking for a way to keep cool!
I thought this might be a good time to review our 
50th anniversary tour of Alaska.
Grab a glass of iced tea and
 come along, you might find it refreshing.
Mendenhall Glacier
This was my third visit, in 25 years, to Mendenhall Glacier, Tongass National Forest, near Juneau, AK. I can attest to the fact that the glacier is receding. I don't know why. It might be natural cyclical environmental patterns or manmade global warming (I will let others debate that) but it is indeed receding. I wish my earlier pictures were digital. We have held our pictures side by side and we can surely tell the difference.

My oldest daughter Kim and me.

Sweet Old Bob was experiencing health problems during this time so our daughter went with us. Shortly after the trip Bob had brain surgery. His health has improved greatly and
he gets along very well now. For that we are very thankful.

Glacier Bay

Margerie Glacier is 1 mile wide and 800 feet high from sea level to the top

Preparing to leave on a flight over Juneau Ice Fields, from Skagway.
Put your iced tea on the traytable, 
buckle up and enjoy the ride .

These are not super highways in the mountains, they are glaciers.

We are coming back down into Skagway.
You can see the terminus of a glacier at the upper left. The gray water is called "rock water" due to the amount of ground rock suspended in the water.
Don't you feel refreshed now? I knew you would! I hope you enjoyed the tour. Refill your iced tea, put your fingers on the keyboard and leave a comment to let me know you took the tour. Thanks for visiting.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Same Thing Only Different!!

Same tablecloth. Remember Bob likes it and I try to get lots of use before laundering.
Since yellow and blue are my very favorite colors. 
They are in every nook and cranny of my house. 
So it's not too hard to find something different but in the same colors.

Hope you like my changes, so let's get started!
This cobalt blue charger from Horchow's really is cobalt blue!
My everyday, workhorse, dishes. From Kmart or Walmart several years ago.
I am sure they weren't costly enough to have a name. Never once had a chip.
I complain about our GW but I did get four of the cobalt trimmed soup/salads for $2.00.

I am adding last week's Blue Danube's "Blue Onion" B&B plate to hold the dessert dish.
Cobalt blue dessert in my collection for many years.
Everyday flatware. Stainless by Reed & Barton, don't know the pattern.
Partially hidden ice cream spoon, silverplate ~S & H Green Stamps, long ago. 
Napkins are dishtowels purchased from roadside vendor, with donkey cart.
There was one towel for each day of the week I chose these because they matched.
 Remember my post about the cows in the Azores?
You can read about them Here
I moved the ice cream spoon and added additional cobalt stems.
In the background you can see I am using additional "Blue Onion" pieces.
Awesome gravy boat. Hmm, that holds some kinda gravy.
Gravy ladle, Wallace "Waltz of Spring". You may have seen it Here
Dainty relish dish/bonbon dish.
"Blue Onion" casserole and yellow Fiesta pitcher.

Let's check out the flowers and candles!
The slot machine in the background is going to Nashville, Tn. in a couple of days.
It will find a home in my Daughter's rec room.
 I wonder if it is legal to transport this thing across state lines? Shhh!
All the flowers are from my garden.  Endless Summer, Limelight and Nikko Hydrangeas. Pink Coneflower
and Liatris. The garden is looking poorly just now. It is so hot and dry.
Cobalt vase a gift many years ago. 
I just love this little candle tree. It came from an import store years ago.

Now a bit of candlelite. 
It is still day but I was impatient.

The votive hold is actually a Master Salt Cellar.
The Candle Tree has another tier but is too tall for today's use.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how you can use some of the same elements, add a few different things and come up with an entire new look.
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