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Some sayings were folk lore,
 some were instructional and some were downright frightening.
Recently, a couple of friends and I were laughing about the numerous things that we were told as children.
I thought this time of leprechans and pots of gold would be perfect for sharing some of these sayings. 

At the age of four, my tree swing was located near the neighbor's vegetable garden. After several days of being glued to that swing my Dad asked why I didn't want to play anywhere else. We're talking about all day at that swing and not wanting to go inside. 

I had to tell him I was waiting for babies to come out Mr. Mitchell's cabbage rows.  Well, after that day, I still wasn't sure where babies REALLY came from.  I did know that they did NOT come from the cabbage patch!

This revelation came decades before these guys came on the scene!

Were you aware of that lore prior to the 
"Cabbage Patch Kids"?

My sweet little Mom was the purveyor of most of these devilish truths. 
 Of course there was the :

"You'll shoot your eye out" 

Not my Mom!
Mom would use the word "poke" instead of "shoot". She covered more situations that way. 

I'll bet you didn't hear this one!

I googled it and couldn't find any reference. I'm JUST NOW thinking she made up this one.
I never made it past an hour or so! 

If only I hadn't put my tongue in the open space I would have had a golden tooth grow in the place of the one lost .  DRAT'S. I just knew I could do it THIS time!

Oh, I know you heard this one!

Your Face Will Freeze Like That!!

I bet you didn't you hear this one?

I wasn't the kid always asking "why". I thought I already had things figured out. I just wanted to know "WHAT IF" one did it this way or that or changed things up a bit. 

Well, more that a few times I heard.

"IF a bullfrog had wings he wouldn't bump his b**t so much!"

Oh! What mental picture did you get when Mom said
"Good night and sweet dreams"?
Each time I envisioned a large hanging cluster of green/white grapes. 

Don't know why. I know I love the green/white grapes. Must have been the sweetest thing I knew.

How about you? Do you remember any of the amusing sayings you heard as a child? If so, please comment and share them. Tell how or what you believed about the tales at the time.  Should be fun!
If you enjoy this one we will do it again. I have lots more in my head. 

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Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Cute -- I was a "figure it out myself" kind of gal too----boy was I wrong a few embarrasing times!

My Grandmother used to say that if you got a sore in your mouth it was because you "told a story".

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

I loved the tv, so my mum used to say that I would get square eyes because I watched it so much,:)

Donnie said...

Girl, your posts are always such fun. My "rules of engagement" always concerned boys and what would happen if I liked them tooooo wonder what trouble my mom got into concerning boys..Lol...

Laura Wilkerson said...

My ex-father in law used to aggrivate the little ones to no end and he'd tell them..."Don't drink that coffee, it'll turn your feet black" and the one that used to really bother them was "You got garments on your back?" Of course they'd run off hollarin' cause they thought "something bad" was on them! He was a riot sometimes.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I remember some of these! So funny!!

Anonymous said...

My Savannah Granny, so glad your feelin' better.
I remember alot of these sayn's, this has me smilin' and laughn',thanks i needed this.

Hey Granny, thanks for visiting LazyonLoblolly, and all the sweet comments.You are one rockin' sweet gran.


Anonymous said...

Very fun post. Love the line about your "gold tooth!"

Shirley said...

Mom always reminded us to make sure we had on clean underware before we left the house..just in case we got into an accident! hahah we always wore clean underware so what was up with that?? To this day I will always remember, never leave the house without having on clean underwear..thanks mom!

Sherrie said...

Great memories! The frog one is new for me. Cute post!

Grannys Attic said...

Love your post today. This is one my granny use to say "If you wash clothes on Sunday someone in the family will pass away within a Year". I still to this day try not to wash on Sunday, but if I have to this is the first thing that come to my mind. Thanks for sharing great memories, Vicky

Coloradolady said...

CUTE post. I know I heard most of these way too many times before!!! Happy VTT!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

My Granfather would say "Don't cross you eyes or they will stay that way." Love this post. Brought back a lot of memories. ~~Sherry~~

SueLovesCherries said...

What a great "vintage thingy" post! I loved it!

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