Sunday, February 27, 2011




Yesterday, I received this beautiful sterling silver and turquoise necklace in the mail!
It is awesome! I won a fabulous giveaway over at
Thank you so much Diane. Such a lovely gift.

THEN, I was featured on Some of My Favorite Things @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting With Laurie February 18th. 
  Thank you so much Laurie, You know how to make an old gal feel great!

Then, this Friday I was featured on Inspiration Friday @ At The Picket Fence 
Thank you soooo much Heather and Vanessa.
I am honored to be in the company of such talent.
I am still on cloud nine. 

I hadn't mentioned it previously but I have been going to physical therapy two days a week. I would get home and take a two hour nap. One night I went to bed for good at 6:30 pm. 

SO!!  I started to see improvement this week.  I am beginning to maneuver without bumping into walls and stumbling (no, I have not been nipping from the vine).  

I told the therapist, when she throws me a pack of gum, I chew it and walk a straight line, that I am ready to graduate.          

All in all things are looking up in 

Spring is coming soon and so are my girls.
I have been so blessed. For those blessings I am eternally thankful.

Now a hint of things to come!
What do you think is going on here?
Stay tuned, changes are coming next month.

Don't for get to enter my GIVEAWAY HERE!

If you enjoyed your visit please leave a comment. I would to know you dropped by.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Such lovely wins and acknowledgments! They do make us feel special and you are!! Glad you are walking better now. I'm hoping all this lovely Spring weather makes me feel perkier. hugs, Linda

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

I always enjoy visiting with you!!! Now I'm thinking you are one lucky gal!!! Can't wait to see what is happening in you room !!!

bcp.....My Life said...

Good job with your PT! It really does work, doesn't it?

Holly said...

Hmmmmm, I want to know what's in that bag on your bed.

Donnie said...

You certainly deserve all your beautiful accolades. Can't believe I got to use that big you keep improving.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

You are just one happy camper! And that is so nice to see and hear. Glad PT is going well. XO

Miss Char said...

Congratulations on your shout outs Ginger and maybe if you have a little nip from the vine the PT will go faster!:)

Miss Char said...

Oh and I'm thinking that's a bag of fabric on the bed and maybe we'll be seeing some new drapes next month?

Carol said...

The necklace is beautiful. I saw your photo on Laurie's blog!
Glad you're getting around better.
The last picture - beautiful wall color and trim!

Vicki said...

Congratulations on all you wins and acknowledgements Ginger! I just wanted to let you know that you have been my Follower for about a week and qualify for the 1st Giveaway I am doing.
Take a look at the link~

Ladybird Ln said...

I am so flattered you would follow my blog! I am your newest follower as well.. And I entered your giveaway! My daughter's name is Savannah, my husband and I visited Savannah, Georgia once and fell in love with it!

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Congrats on the giveaway win and being featured on not one but TWO blogs! Sounds like a pretty good week to me! :-)

Good luck with your physio - hope you're chewing & walking straight soon!

My guess is new curtains for the bedroom.

xinex said...

Congrats on winning that pretty turquoise necklace and being featured, Ginger. I can't wait to see what you do to the bedroom. Ins't it exciting to get a visit from daughters? My daughter is coming tomorrow also and I can't wait.....Christine

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Congratulations!! Thanks for your super sweet comments. Hope you are doing well in your PT, it is hard work!

Deneen said...

Congrats on the necklace. Thanks for following me and now I am following you!

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy when you are back to yourself again, and I'm excited about the tease, can't wait to see what you are up to.

Traci said...

Ginger, I love the blue of the bedroom you showed so I hope it is not painting the walls.

I also love the last line of your post about comments. Can I use it?

I peeked around a bit and loved all I saw so now I am your newest follower and I will be back after I catch up on all my unanswered emails.


Treasure Hunter said...

I would love to take the time to tell you just how wonderful your blog truly is. I feel it a blessing to have come acrossed it. It is one of the most enjoyable I have read and tops my list and believe you me my list is long. Anyways thanks for sharing your lives with us. You have a wonderful family and I feel as tho I have known you for years. Okay enough sorry i was late on the giveaway but I will be back. that you can count on. Thanks again. deb

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