Thursday, September 12, 2013



Granted, I Loooooove blogging,
surely, I am not the only one pulling hair!


IF you are funny as Carol Burnett, posting everyday and visiting other bloggers until the wee hours of the night but are lacking for comments, you may be a... 
This one should be self explanatory. FIX IT! If you are on blogger, simply go to your Dashboard > Settings > Posts and Comments, scroll down to "show word verification" set this to NO!!!!
IF you aren't getting replies to your comments on your favorite blog you may be a 
When I first started blogging you were few and far between. Now for some reason, your numbers are growing. Most of us, first, see comments to our posts, in our inbox. I always liked that, I could quickly acknowledge and thank you for your comment. If we hit "reply" and "NO REPLY" pops up in the address field, one has to hop all over the internet trying to say "Thank You". Did you know there is a setting in BLOGGER settings that will include that address? Fix it and I will bet you will get lots more replies.
Did you know, if you merged your Blogger profile into your Google+ profile your email will show as "NO REPLY" on all your comments. I contacted Google and there is NO setting in Google+ that will provide your email address. You can only be directed back to Google+, hmmmm. Your friend has to go to your Google+ profile, click on "about" and scroll down hoping to find an email address. Get the picture?  I merged my profile, then reversed it for this very reason. Bloggers are friendly people but most lead very busy lives. You may be missing out on lots of fun. Some of the best conversations take place behind the scenes and that is where you really get to know someone.
If you are worried about your email address being out there, hey, you felt comfortable enough to leave a comment. If you are a blogger you are already out there. I have a separate email strictly for my blog and my blog only, with different provider. I don't want YOU knowing what I say to MY boyfriend! LOL! Really, most of us can be googled anywhere, anytime. Just saying!
ALERT!! While this post was languishing in draft, I came across a website that found a fix to the problem with Google+ Blogger users. Fluster Buster has a wonderful post "Are you a No-Reply Blogger" with a detailed tutorial about how to get around the Google+/Blogger glitch. I followed her tutorial and successfully merged my Google+ profile and my Blogger profile and still comment with an  email address for replies. 
IF you are leaving comments on your favorite blog and never get a reply THEY may be a

I wasn't quite sure how to describe this blogger but I would like to be one, (with the kinks ironed out cuz it's more efficient) More than a few of you leave a reply and engage in dialogue with me on YOUR blog post but I never know it. A friend wrote about it a few days ago. Somehow she realized she was responding, within her blog, but visitors never knew she responded. She was able to fix it. I contacted a couple of friends and they were able to configure their blog so their replies came to my inbox. Some bloggers, like Susan@ BNOTP's replies have ALWAYS come straight to my inbox. I know some of the blogs have a box at the end, "subscribe to comments". I did that and I got everyone's comments all 45+ of them. Most bloggers don't go back to your post to see, IF, perhaps, you have replied to their comment. If you are using this method, ask a good friend to play guinea pig and test your reply.
As I stated earlier, I would like to be one of these "Within Post Reply Bloggers" but I haven't been able to insure my reply gets back to you. 
If you know how to set this up successfully within Blogger please let me know. In the meantime please make sure your reply communications, are getting back to your followers.


I am so envious of the bloggers who get out a post every day, even every other day! Some of you have small children and businesses. I need to know how you do it. Between, getting the baby three squares a day, taking care of his needs and getting him down and up for the nap, whew, I am exhausted. That's just my hubby.
Tell us, we're listening:
Do you take one day and write posts for a week, a couple of days?
Do you designate a certain time and place to write? Sorry, Moms, I know that's not you.
Do you put a post in draft and add all the pictures first, then go back and write the narrative?
Do you do the opposite?
Do you take pictures constantly, knowing you can use them somehow?
Do you take the pictures only after you have a post in mind?
Do you take a day or two days and set up different tablescapes and photograph one after another.

Well, that was all my peeves, next, I will throw out some questions I have about other aspects of blogging. I will really be trying to pick your brains, cuz there are so many things that I don't know or understand.

C'mon let's get a dialog started here. Many of us WANT to know!
I know you can come up with some great solutions!

Please visit these gracious hosts for inspiration:

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Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Hi, Ginger! Yea! I'm your first comment on this great post! I hope to see all the answers to all your good questions.

Unfortunately, I don't have the solutions you requested, but I DO have an additional question that kind of pertains to how bloggers find the time to do all that they do. I find it incredibly time consuming to "get out" once you link up (after you've cropped your picture). I keep hitting the back arrow, but that cannot possibly be right. How do you exit a link?

Anxious to see responses! Thanks!! ~Zuni

Nee said...

Hi Ginger , looks like I'm your second commenter , I am a new blogger and still trying to fing my way , I found it nice to put a blogroll on my sidebar and i can see the posts as they are posted , I also is pulling out my hair sometime , I enjoy blogging and met so many nice people , I will be watching and learning and will visit the sites you recommend , This is going to be fun , thanks for sharing :).

Cathy said...

YES and YES to all your pet peeves. I will be waiting not patiently for answers.

Betty said...

I loved the part of your post about putting to bed and getting three squares a day and it's your husband LOL. I love to blog and I would love to know those answers too. How do they do it everyday? You are going on my sidebar and I'm a new follower.
Betty @ My Cozy Corner

Sarah said...

Ditto! I'm not an efficient blogger. I am one who takes lots of photos and pulls from my files when I can use something already there. I've been "stuck" in tablescape mode lately. That's OK, but I like to blog about other things too - gardening, travel, cooking, fun finds, etc. I'd like to have posts done, sitting in draft, but rarely do. I've just recently posted the last of what I had in draft. Ideally, I should have kept creating once I had a few in the "bank", but I didn't get as many new posts created as I'd hoped. That said, I'd really like to know how those who post daily get it all done, and done so beautifully.
I'll be watching to see what others say here.

NanaDiana said...

You have addressed some really good concerns here, Ginger. I am too tired to write any more tonight but I will come back and tell you how I go about posting just about everyday- Love to you- xo Diana

Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

Hi Ginger, you're not alone. I've been asking these questions ever since I've been blogging. The answer I've come up with is that:
A - All blogger but me have an infinite amount of computer knowledge with a hi-tech team backing them up, or
B - their witches. lol

Truly I don't understand how some of the bloggers I love, can possible create their DIY project (some of which are so prefessional) and post about them, much less take care of their families or have any sort of life.

Most of the time my commentary comes after the photos. But by the time I add links and share with social media, I've spent hours on it. And if you want to add to linky parties you of course talking about even more time.

Thanks for posting about how you can have google+ and get around the issue. I'm going to check into it. I really had no idea that I might be missing comments because it is disappointing when you work so hard and don't get any. I use to never use "word verification" but after several months of getting 20-40 spam comments a day and trying to keep up on deleting them, I caved and added the word verification. I knew it was a no-no but I was so frustrated. I'll give no-verification again and see. Do you have any idea how to battle spam? Sorry to have gone on so long but I'm just as frustrated as you. By the way - How's Bob doing? I think of y'all often.

Hope you and Bob have a great weekend.
Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

Hi Ginger, you're not alone. I've been asking these questions ever since I've been blogging. The answer I've come up with is that:
A - All blogger but me have an infinite amount of computer knowledge with a hi-tech team backing them up, or
B - their witches. lol

Truly I don't understand how some of the bloggers I love, can possible create their DIY project (some of which are so prefessional) and post about them, much less take care of their families or have any sort of life.

Most of the time my commentary comes after the photos. But by the time I add links and share with social media, I've spent hours on it. And if you want to add to linky parties you of course talking about even more time.

Thanks for posting about how you can have google+ and get around the issue. I'm going to check into it. I really had no idea that I might be missing comments because it is disappointing when you work so hard and don't get any. I use to never use "word verification" but after several months of getting 20-40 spam comments a day and trying to keep up on deleting them, I caved and added the word verification. I knew it was a no-no but I was so frustrated. I'll give no-verification again and see. Do you have any idea how to battle spam? Sorry to have gone on so long but I'm just as frustrated as you. By the way - How's Bob doing? I think of y'all often.

Hope you and Bob have a great weekend.
Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

Suzan Sweatman said...

LOL - great post Ginger - that cartoon is exactly how I looked when I first started blogging!
Hate word verification - sometimes it takes me 5 or 6 times to actually see the right words!!!

Lady of the Woods said...

:D:D:D, Hi Ginger.
I feel re blogging: you do when it is right for YOU, when you have the time and an inspiration, not because there are any rules, self inflicted or otherwise, there aren't any, and that is the point of blogging, for joy and fun.

But as for the question of those who blog everyday...I feel this way. I am blown away by those OFF THE CHARTS TALENTED women with or without kids, family etc who blog every day or even every WEEK with perfect photos etc, but Thank GOD those I follow do NOT blog every day. I don't have the time read all of that every day and I could not possibly maintain interest in all of them every day. I've seen bloggers who do that burn out.
Bloggers show up when they do and its a joy to find different ones on different days.
Find what fits your time and spiritual comfort. Blogging is a social thing and should be done when it is perfect for you otherwise its a pain.

As for the word verification, yes that annoys me, but I too had it on for a year and didn't know it and did not come across someone who could guide me out of it until one day someone :D made a post about it and it turned out I was one of those she had repeatedly tried to reply to and could not LOL, so I fixed it, and she got her message through. Being new to blogging takes patience and acceptance for where people are at the moment.
Blogging should be totally enjoyable.
Sorry for the long dissertation! :D

Mona said...

This is a wonderful discussion question and I hope lots of bloggers offer their insight..having said that, I find that I am spending way too many hours preparing a blog post and visiting around..but if I don't, I get no comments and it is like I am forgotten..I would love to know people are enjoying my work after I post..I have met some of you and it is nice to email back and forth..but writing a post has become quite time consuming especially if I encounter any problem with posting pictures or learning something new about watermarking all my photos..I am amazed at women that post frequently and can't wait to see what they say about how they do it. I want to have more inspirational writing in my blog about once a week...oh have posed a wonderful list of questions...hoping we get some answers...
Love, Mona

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ginger,
Some valid points here!
Yes, the Google+ setting only allows for reply ON the blog and you have to subsribe to comments. Sometimes I will just check 'next' time at certain blogs, IF they left me a reply... going back to the previous post. That is less cumbersome than receiving all those emails.
I did once try the ALL GOOGLE+ SETTING where the replies and everything is posted automatically on the blog and google+ but that way you cut off ALL NON GOOGLE+ readers. So I did revert that. But I can bet you that in the future, Google+ IS the way to go. Google owns Blogger and that's what they are leading it towards.
Most of the time I do plan way ahead of time yes. Than filling in as time permits. Love to have blogs lined up that way.
Hugs to you,

Scribbler said...

This discussion will be interesting. I would like to dump Google+ altogether because there were some really creepy looking types who put me in some groups unbeknownst to me. I tried to tighten up the security, but I have no idea what others can and cannot see at this point. I was reading that if you cancel your Google+ profile that you may wind up canceling your whole blog! So I have been very cautious. I can tell you that I am fed up with receiving spam email related to a subject that I might have looked at online a few minutes before! I keep finding some of my posts on foreign websites, too. Frankly, I don't know how people blog every day, comment all over the place, and still take care of their personal lives, unless they (a) don't have one or (b) they have someone else who does a lot of their work for them. I actually think both of those things might be true.


Hi dear Ginger!
Sorry I'm a little late visiting, but we're having Sat. 21, Sept. Victoria's F. Communion so I'm busy myself! Wow, what an amazing post and how ineteresting; you are awesome! I love blogging but I cannot make more than one post a week, or rarely two and this is caz I'm retired! When I was a young mom, wife, worker and keeping a big house, I would doubt it I'd make one a week, I'd make one a month, lol! I see Young mothers with 7 kids and they manage posts and even host parties, yay! I'd like answers myself, as I'm not even your computer savvy one, lol! I do think of the posts I want to make...I make them and than take the pics and post. Like today, I made my table with apples for Let's Dish for the 26th., because I will be out of sight for a week as we're traveling to DD's house for the First C. I mentioned before. Anyway, very interesting post and fun too, lol! Hope you and Bob are fine and receive all my love.
Thank you for this great post!
PS: Thanks for the sweet and kind comment too!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Ginger! Such a great post! I am anxious to see all the comments that your recieve from this very informative post. I have two jobs and my posting is very sporadic. It's hard to get to all the blogs I love and to comment on them too. Looking forward to time management tips on here. Thanks for posting this! Have a lovely weekend. Alison xoxoxoxox

Candy S said...

I just spent ten minutes writing a comment but somehow managed to make it disappear when I hit preview. The gist was I don't know anything and would appreciate any knowledge that I can glean from your readers answers. Thank you Ginger for this post.

Suzy Handgraaf said...

Great post with great questions, Ginger. Wish I had answers to them! lol Everytime that I think I have a schedule to use, something comes along to knock me off track and it takes me forever to get back to it. Looking forward to reading everyone's answers. xo's

Sherry Thecharmofhome said...

Ginger this is a great post. I will pin it. Now I know why I am once again a No reply blogger. I didn't realize that is how it happened. You are right about Google+. I think taking away the merging would be a sticky situation. I have know a person who deleted her Gmail and lost her blog also. The commenting for me is the biggest challenge. I have a herniated disc and I baby sit part time and they each are hard on my back. My solution has been to get a tablet and sit away from the computer to view all the links to my party each week but, then I won't always comment to each post. I have to share bandwith with two college age sons still living in the house so some days I get fast internet other days I throw my hands up. LOL! Posting has gotten harder too. I use to post 4-5 times a week maybe more when my littlest went to Kindergarten but, now I work more and I just sit up shots when I can and mostly that is on the weekends. One thing that is nice is after blogging 3 years I now have some old post I can pull from that I reuse and they work out. I do more recipes too which are easier to shoot and we gotta eat anyway! I still love my seasonal decorating that is a favorite of mine. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home with this discussion!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Interesting post. I just blog on the fly and don't usually have anything planned in advance. I've always loved to take photographs but seem to snap the same things all the time. (Think zinnias...haha!) I would love to know how bloggers manage to blog everyday and keep up with all the commenting, too. Lately, I've been even thinking I should just give it all up for a while because it's getting harder to keep up this busy time of year. But, I love blogging, so we'll see. I'll be checking back to see what others have to say! Have a nice weekend!

Babs Richman said...

I'm with you on word verification. It's a pain in the neck to have to try again and again to get the code right. As for tips on blogging..I'm afraid I don't have any. I admire bloggers who can post every day, and I'll be looking forward to the comments and tips. Thanks for a great post.

Chatty Crone said...

I try to leave google+ ALONE!

Denise said...

Well Ginger, you're singing to the choir here. :) I really hate word verification, and I find the No Reply blogger situation frustrating, as well. I used to be a No Reply blogger (I think you were the first person who alerted me to that) but I found a way to fix it a long time ago, at least I think it's fixed.

As to how these folks who manage to blog every day or even every other day, I have no answers for you. I'm pretty sure that a lot of them don't take the time to visit and reply to comments because they simply don't have the time -- too many crafts, projects, and blog posts to do. It seems like right after I started blogging (almost three years ago) this whole thing turned into a BIG money-making business. I don't have a problem with that; I wouldn't mind making a little bit myself, but it's so very competitive, it does make it hard to blog just for fun and personal satisfaction. That being said; there are some really nice bloggers out there; I've made so many nice friends. But I also notice that some of the bloggers I really like are thinking about quitting because of some of the things you've talked about. Boy, that was a long paragraph, huh? :)

How would you feel if you were me? I usually (not always) post twice a week and sometimes three; I've been blogging for three years, and I only have 126 followers on Google Friends Connect. Yep, I guess if I had a big ego, I would have given up a long time ago. I think I have good content and good photography, so I don't really know what the problem is. My husband tells me not to worry about it, and most of the time I don't. At least you have about five times more followers than I do. :)

I'm glad you brought this up for discussion; it looks like a lot of people have some of the same issues that you do. I'll be interested to see what comes of the conversation.

Have a great weekend, Ginger!


Denise at Forest Manor

~~louise~~ said...

Well Ginger it looks like you sure opened a can of worms here. I've read your post and all the comments and it seems, we all have the same like and dislikes, AND questions!

For instance, I've been asking the question about time for what seems like forever. I know some bloggers go back to previous posts and brush them up a bit for a new post. I must admit, I've done that myself a few times. It makes it easier but it isn't always possible. (I usually go back to posts no one saw 5 years ago and update them and pretty then up a bit:) However, I still can't figure out how people with families and jobs and all that other stuff manage to do it. My kids are grown, I'm retired and I still can't find the time to do the kinds of posts I would like to do and visit all the blogs I would like to visit.

As for Google+ I am not a member and don't have any intentions of becoming one. However, I do find it so upsetting to go to someone's blog and try to leave a comment only to find that I can't because I am not a member of Google+ I've even tried to get in touch with people to let them know but Google+ does not always seem "get in touch" friendly. BTW, Chef Dennis did a GREAT post on Google+ for those who want to know the ins and outs! which leads me to my next "gripe" I never have the time to do the research to figure out how to fix the problems I encounter on my blog. Poor Nee, your second commenter, is still waiting for me to assist her with including a reply window within her comments on her blog. I have it on my blog but heck if I remember how I did it.

As someone, many have said Ginger. Blogging is suppose to be an enjoyable experience. I've been trying to blog twice a week now since I returned to blogging after that long hiatus. It seems to be working, most times. For those who are thinking about "quitting" blogging, do think again. Take time off, I took almost a year. You will be amazed how understanding other bloggers are and they will return if you invite them. As for those who are trying to make a bit of money, that's a whole other can of worms!

I've been wanting to start this conversation for a long time now, Ginger. I'm so glad you found the time to invite answers.

Thank you so much for sharing, Ginger...If you want Chef Dennis' link, here it is.

Linda said...

Hi Ginger!
Came here from Louise's nifty blog!
You sure crammed a lot of info into one post!
I add the pictures first, and then do the dialogue...
I try to post everyday...
And is a lot of work!

Linda :o)

Dianne said...

Hi Ginger,
I was barely keeping my head above water with blogging before Google changed everything and I now I find myself lost most of the time. I know how to post and how to post comments on other's blogs and that is about it. I work full-time and finding time to blog is a real challenge. I take pictures all the time, but usually end up posting about tables most of the time. I need to get out of my rut. Thanks for creating this platform for some input from some of the pros out there. I will be checking back often. Dianne

Aimee at Refresh-Renew... said...

Found you via "Make it Pretty"...I am a new blogger and have figured out a few of the items you mention...but have no idea if I am a "no reply blogger". I try to reply to every comment...but have not heard from any of I am guessing I might be, but don't know what to do about it! :o) thank you for your post!-aimee

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Hello, Ginger!
This is my first visit to your blog and I think I stopped by at a good time! I am learning some things-mainly that I am not the only one. I have been blogging about 18 months and enjoy doing it but the growing is slow. I'm hanging in their though. Hoping to develop some of those friendships you talked about!

Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

Well Ginger you really got everyone's attention. :) I am a Wordpress girl, and I have a plugin called Akismet. It blocks 99.9% of my spam. I am still working my way through Google + and Facebook is even more confusing. I will have to continue to monitor this post just for pointers.

Madonna/aka/Ms. Lemon

Debbiedoos said...

Oh girl are you speaking to me. I can't even make it around like I use to, then when I do, I get all this stuff. So frustrating for us all.

Linda Primmer said...

Great post Ginger with tons of info. Blogging can drive us crazy.
We all have lives to live too. Thanks for sharing something so important. xo

Shelia said...

Hi Ginger and I hope you're not as upset about blogging this morning! ;) I know, it can get to us sometimes. Thanks for popping in to see my Tildas.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ivy and Elephants said...

I love it! You hit just about every question I had in mind, and cleared up a few, too. I'm reading everyone's comments hoping for answers, too. I post once every other week LOL, so I am not one of those super bloggers of whom you speak for sure!!!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Goodness gracious put a lot of info out there. At one time I made sure I fixed the "no reply" you've got me wondering. I must go check that out. My blog is some of my issues are different. But...I do wonder about people who seem to do it all. My life has been turned upside down the past however many months...but though I may not get around as much as I'd like in blogland...I have found that I need to work at's just good for me and provides something "normal" (whatever that is!) in my life. I know that when I try to do it all, it consumes a whole day. Yikes! That's not living!!
You know...I don't think we should worry about what others do or don't do...we need to do what works for our lives in the season we are in.
Okay....that probably wasn't all that helpful! LOL're a terrific blogger, Ginger! :)
Oh...I could answer a question or two...
Tablescapes...they take me several hours to days to do depending on what I'm creating/accessorizing. Then, I can only photograph in the late that means sometimes the next day...unless it's dark and cloudy. Ugh. When it comes to nature photos...I'm always out with my camera hoping to get a few shots. Then...I have something to go to when I want to create a scripture art photo, or other inspirational photo. As far as crafts and tutorials....they take me F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!!! I have a love hate relationship with those posts. I love doing them, but they take way way way too much time.
And I would like to tell you that I have a plan...but's all in my head....that just must change!!!!!!

Bluebell Woods said...

where would I go to find out if i ever merged with google? I never get a lot of comments. Thought it was just me. I have my email address out there. So I dont know what is wrong if anything

Aimee at Refresh-Renew... said...

Ginger, this is Aimee. I corrected my profile to "show email" that box selected in my profile now. So hopefully this will allow me to reply. I replied to your comment on my post...did you receive it? Thanks for taking the time to help me figure it out! :o) hugs!

JoAnn Hutcheson said...

Hey Ginger! you have really taken the words right out of my mouth "HOW do they do it ALL" ... I got a new cell phone and the tech guy SYNCed my stuff, and now I don't get an many comments. PLUS, I have THREE different areas to check for comments. Hmm. I'm starting to wonder if I should switch to Wordpress. I don't really like G+. I don't like facebook, and some of the others. I thought the point of all of it was to drive traffic TO the blog, when in fact, folks comment on the content in other places than the blog. Gee, I sure hope I'm not a No Reply blogger / commenter !! Please let me know if I am. It is for sure a time consuming thing - create, take pics, write content, visit, link up, Whew! I love your blog!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Yes I am also curious as how do they post every day with gorgeous picture and have a life outside of the computer, are they all setting in wheel chairs and their maids and butlers are tending the dirty house and kids and the dog & cat and sending husband off to work every day? This has to be the answer


Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

I'm bbbbaaaacccckkkk! This time blushing (can you tell?!) because I'm so embarrassed. When I posed the question about "getting out" after linking to a party you suggested I hold the back arrow...I CAN'T believe I'd never paid attention to that!! Right there is my blog's link and there I go!! So thanks for the tip, Ginger! Still shaking my head... :) ~Zuni

must love junk said...

So interesting!! Blogging definitely takes a LOT of time! (I always wonder how people with small kids do it!) I usually just do the whole post at once with pictures, just 'off the cuff'. Sometimes I post right away, and sometimes I schedule to post later. I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 posts a week done! God bless those who do more :)

Carol said...

This was such a wonderful post, Ginger. I, too, get so annoyed with the "No Reply" and "Word Verification." I started just replying to the NO REPLY in my "Comment" section of my post, but have no idea if they actually get that message somehow. I read through all of the comments to your post, hoping someone would explain how to set that up, but didn't see any. "Hey, Susan (BNOTP), want to tell us how to do that?"

Landeros Cindi said...

That why I hired a Driver for my car Newswire

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