Sunday, April 7, 2013

Answer The Door!!

What do you do when the doorbell rings?

Well, I say "Bob can you get the door?"
 I would strongly advise, If someone rings your doorbell...answer it!
 You see, I don't often get flowers delivered from the florist.
Some of you may remember, Bob brings me FREE, flowers.
Hey, they're still flowers . You can read about them
Here, here , here, here, and here.
This beautiful arrangement was from 
my sweet daughter and son-in-law.
Since the beauty of flowers is fleeting, I had to share.
My daughter knows my favorite color is blue.
Blue and white in particular. This lovely cobalt blue vase
is chock full of white flowers. Hydrangea adds a 
blue/green touch to compliment the vase. 
 I am putting a tablescape together to match the flowers.
 One has to make the best of these beauties while you can.
Here's hoping Spring will be here soon
 And I will have hydrangea in the garden.
Do you Spring will ever arrive?
I hope you enjoyed this blue and white message of love.
Thank you H & L! I love you, too!

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Natasha in Oz said...

Wow, what a stunning arrangement! Your photos are beautiful too. Enjoy those pretties!

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

NanaDiana said...

Ginger- That is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. But...WHAT is the occasion? I love white flowers -especially roses..and that cobalt vase is beautiful- Hugs to you and SOB~ xo Diana

Unknown said...

How thoughtful of your daughter to send you flowers. What it a special occasion?
Spring has definitely arrived here in California and I have the allergies to prove it. My flower beds are filling in and everything is about to bloom. The yard smelled so good today.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Ginger, that is such a lovely arrangement. It is fun to get flowers, and I love to send this almost as much as receiving them. I love hydrangeas, too.

I'm surprised that spring hasn't arrived in Georgia. We're bloomed out already. That being said, it was a tiny bit chilly yesterday. Hope it warms up for you soon.



Lynn said...

Your flowers are gorgeous Ginger! What a great surprise-enjoy:@)

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

What a sweet surprise, your flowers are fabulous. Hugs, Marty

Unknown said...

Beautiful flowers! Love the color of the vase too. We had a nice warm day in NE GA yesterday, warm enough for me to get out and dig a little in the dirt! Whoo-hoo!! Take care.

Ron said...

Fresh flowers are always best. I love receiving a delivery of them too.

Kim@todayismysome-day said...

Happy Spring Ginger!

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
WOW your flowers are Beautiful and will look Gorgeous for your Tablescape. I hope you are going to use blue and white dishes with your flowers... Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my " April Showers" Hoping you and Bob have a wonderful and Bless weekend.
XXOO Diane

Anonymous said...

These are lovely,I wish I could keep fresh flowers in our home 24/7 I do love them so!
And I'm thrilled to see more post and updates form you and sweet Ole Bob.Hope life is full and running over with happiness.

And it thrills my heart to read your e-mail about yall trying the strawberry cakes and cream,I sure hope they were not a disappointment I do try and cut sugar,calories,and cholestrol.Most times the foodies are eatable,teehehehehe.

hugs to you both
thru the Loblolly pines.
BTW are yalls pines full of crosses?

smiles and happy faces from

Barbara F. said...

What gorgeous flowers, Ginger. I love all white flowers, and in a blue vase, they are even more stunning. I hope they last a good long time! xo


I think an arrangement of white stunning flowers is the loveliest!! Your photos are gorgeous dear Ginger. Big hugs to you and Bob and have a great week.

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous Ginger - how thoughtful - was it just because - or is it your birthday???
Thanks for sharing - Spring has not been in a hurry here in Montreal - it comes it goes - wax on - wax off LOL
Much love,

Gina said...

Your flowers are beautiful, Ginger. What a sweet surprise!

Marigene said...

Beautiful bouquet of flowers, Ginger.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Such beautiful flowers. I love blue and white also and hydrangeas! What a sweet surprise!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

This is one of the most beautiful arrangements I've ever seen! What a wonderful surprise...enjoy! said...

Beautiful flowers! What a sweet daughter and son-in-law! Life to the full!! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That is so gorgeous and unique..You are one lucky girl, so is there a Happy Birthday in store for you???


The Tablescaper said...

So pretty.

So thoughtful.

Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Unknown said...

They're beautiful Ginger almost as beautiful as the surprise of them. What a sweet gesture from you family. You deserve them

OOO's... Tracy@CottonPickinCute

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ginger,
That was a lovely gift of love and so glad that you share it willingly with ALL of us!
Guess that spring did arrive here finally; it feels good. Just a little wind and some clouds but what a change in temperature.
Hugs to you both and stay well, have a lovely week ahead.

Suzy said...

Oh Ginger - those are so, so beautiful! What a sweet surprise to greet you at the door. Those hydrangeas are the same type that I used at my wedding, so you know that I love them. I've been wondering if Spring will ever get here and I think it finally arrived this weekend. Yay! xo's

SmilingSally said...

I'm so happy you shared this lovely gift. I had flowers in an identical vase, and I agree. . . it's really special! I love your blues; thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Ginger.

Karen said...

What a fabulous boquet, and that blue vase sets them off nicely!

Anonymous said...

Oh heavens to Betsy those are gorgeous! Nothing like a surprise. Usually, when the doorbell rings, I start announcing names... Sadie-Hush, Tilly-Quiet, Bugzy-Down, Bitzy-Get back & finally Oscar, NO in the house. Yep that's what happens when MY door bell rings. Gosh, seems polar opposite to your door bell. Where can I get one of yours? :)


Alycia Nichols said...

Now THAT was a sweet gesture as well as a totally unexpected surprise! How wonderful!!!!!!!! Enjoy those, and I look forward to seeing the tablescape you create to showcase the flowers! Also...I pushed on the "Here, here, and here" to revisit the posts about Bob bringing you flowers, but there was no link attached to them. :-(

Laura said...

what a blue-tiful vase... the flowers are lovely!

Chatty Crone said...

They were beautiful! How nice of your daughter and SIL! sandie

Ann said...

Lucky you to get all those flowers from hubby. My favorite flower is hydrangeas in a bouquet. So beautiful with the blue vase.

joyh82 said...

Love the flowers, bet they smell great too. Pretty cobalt blue vase too. Have a wonderful week :)

Debbiedoos said...

That sure was so sweet and thoughtful Miss Ginger. My favorite color is blue too!~ And Bob is still great in our book, any man who gives his wife flowers often is top notch!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ginger,
Happy Birthday to you sweet friend. May your day be a very sunny one so you and Mr. Bob enjoy this special mile stone together.
Tight hug to you,

Be Colorful Coastal said...

Lucky you. So pretty and so perfect in that cobalt blue vase. Thanks for linking up.

amit said...

The most beautiful Arrangement of Flowers I have ever seen. Oh my Gosh!!! I am speechless to see them. SO........oooooooo Beautiful!!!!

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