Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Before we check out the "Dawgs"
a little housekeeping is necessary. Bob and I were out of town for the better part of three weeks. We were visiting our daughters in Tennessee and Illinois. During that
 time we had a winner in our giveaway that ended on the "Fourth Of July"
I listed the winner on my sidebar but in case you missed it, 
sweet Barbara F. of "Two Birdies And A B"
was our winner and now has her gifts in hand.
While we were gone Kim and I  did a lot of "Picking" and we found a couple of hundred neat treasures for our shop.
You will find the link on my sidebar.

Now let's get on to the DAWGS!

 My Grandson Jon was kind enough to give up his bedroom so Granny wouldn't have to climb three sets of stairs, to bed down at night. He has a unique room, which wasn't photo worthy at the moment. However, Mom made sure the bathroom was squeaky clean. So you get a peek and a hint as to how the bedroom looks.

Jon's room WAS clean but there were boxes from his college apartment stacked everywhere.
He lives in Tennessee and attends Belmont University.
That said, you won't find any big "T" Orange or
"Bruins" Blue and Red.
It doesn't hurt, that Dad represents an international sporting goods company! Hint, Hint!
 Nope, Everything here is Red, Black and Silver.
The bedroom has the same wallpaper and paint treatment. Even the ceiling is "Bulldog" red. It took many coats of paint to get that red coverage.
You see, they may live in Tennessee, 
his parents are Georgia (Savannah)
born and bred! From Childhood Jon was one of those 
rabid, woof, woof, woof fans.
Hollie is all about using what you have so she made the tailored skirt to hide additional supplies.
She also made matching valances for the bath and bedroom.

 Everything in the house is all about sports all the time and Mom saw to it that Jon's room and bath reflected his beloved "Dawgs".

Hollie wanted to make sure I showed you the switch plate and especially the electrical outlet.
She repurposed the existing medicine cabinet by removing it and painting it inside and out.

Velcro holds the skirt in place. 
The shades were special order, as was all the licensed papers and paint. A young man needs
 blackout shades so as not to interrupt his sleep. Granny loved that feature as well.
UGA whose face is pictured on the wallpaper is the University of Georgia's mascot. The original and the lineage of  these dogs has been owned by and lived with the Seiler family, of Savannah, Ga., since 1956. 

UGA is the most well known college mascot in the U.S. 
and often flies with the team to away games.
The famous 
"University Of Georgia Arch"
Legend has it that a student shouldn't walk under the arch
 until he has received his diploma. I guess that doesn't count if you are not enrolled. You can read more about the 
150 + year old Arch here.

Jon's "Georgia" room has been around for some time. He will be graduating soon and I felt I had better get this on record before it goes away. Whether you are a Georgia fan or not I hope you will enjoy this space!

I will be sharing some of our trip in coming days.

This is but a hint!

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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...
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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Such a cute bathroom! I lived in Savannah growing up and my husband is from Americus!

Kathleen McCoy said...

I love the humor and vitality of that bathroom, Ginger! It's so fun when home decorations reflect so vividly the interests and loyalties of those who live there.

Babs said...

OMGosh! I'm lovin' his Dawgs bathroom and I'm sending your post to my son..big UGA fan, too. He'sa UGA grad, but lives in NJ now.Congratualtions to Barbara F. for winning the give away.
xo Babs

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ginger,
You are a very spunky lady, the way you sign off and lay out your blog. Those Dawgs photos are incredible. Well preserved for the future.
Glad you made it back safe and now catching up on the time you were gone.

NanaDiana said...

Hi Ginger- I am glad you are home and I bet it will take you a while to get caught up. That was a nice extended vacation.

Love the house and DAWGS..lol. Everything in this whole town is about the Green Bay Packers. All green and gold. It is fun to see some other team colors in that home! xo Diana

Creations By Cindy said...

How adorable! Love me some Ga. Bulldogs! Yes, a Florida gal with a Georgia heart. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Your some Granny!! I loved seeing your grandson's "Dawg Décor"! Thanks for sharing! I'm off to see what's new in your shop!


Curtains in My Tree said...

The bathroom is great and I like seeing the real Georgia Bull Dawg laying on the sack of ice

I wondered if you were gone on another trip since hadn't heard from you

it's always fun finding out what your up to

Alycia Nichols said...

That is a TRUE fan right there!!!! Even the skirt around the bathroom sink and the ceiling painted that very specific shade of red!!!!!!! I am quite impressed! I wish Jon would become a Chief's fan. We could use his kind of enthusiasm to help cheer our team on!!!!!! :-)

Glad you made it home safe & sound after your 3 weeks away. Take care, have a wonderful weekend, and I'll talk to you soon!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The bathroom is so cute! Well now that I live in Athens the HOME of the Georgia Bulldogs, I have to say woof woof myself! Daughter#2 is a UGA grad and we did take a photo of her at the Arch on her graduation!! So much tradition at this great school!

Chatty Crone said...

I love UGA - my son went there. He would absolutely flip at that bathroom - although his wife might not be too happy. sandie

Suzy Handgraaf said...

Well...being born in Atlanta, naturally I'm a fan! What a neat and fun space for Jon! This reminds me of some sheets that I saw in Pottery Barn Teen yesterday that were covered with bulldawgs wearing sunglasses. They would be perfect for him! Looking forward to hearing more about your picking trip. Congrats to Barbara for winning the giveaway! xo's

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Hi, Ginger. It's always so nice to hear from you! Thank you for your sweet comments about our espresso in the garden! I haven't been around much, so your comment brought me to your great post about Jon's room and bathroom, which I really enjoyed. Hollie did a great job with it--every detail is well done! I bet you enjoyed living in his space for a while :). And that little cabin??? Can't wait for that post! You can bet I'll be keeping an eye out for it! Thanks for stopping by, Ginger! ~Zuni

Debbiedoos said...

You have been busy bees you and Bob. So glad you got to visit your daughter. Cute Lebain:)

bj said...

What a cute bath...I love this kind of personality in a home. I get tired of the same o, same o....and I love this.:)

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