Monday, October 31, 2011

W T C Memorial

I can't believe we missed that terrible storm!
Thank goodness!
It was so beautiful on the Saturday we visited!

World Trade Center Memorial
October 22, 2011

I will be sharing all the pictures from my trip soon.

The visit to the WTC Memorial was the most memorable to me so I thought I would share these pictures first. 

We arrived early Saturday a.m. Our cruise ship docked at Pier 92 in Manhattan. We made the short jaunt to Pier 84 to get the Water Taxi.

The aircraft carrier "Intrepid" can be viewed from the little park where we waited for the Water Taxi.

We made our way to Battery Park to disembark for a short walk the WTC Memorial.

This orb was a feature of the original WTC site. It was recovered and now occupies a featured spot in Battery Park.
As we walked in lower Manhattan, we passed a couple of  interesting sights in NYC. This is why I love NYC so much. There is always something interesting going on and there are always humorous sightings.
In NYC accommodations are made for everyone and everything. We saw one, low placed, water faucet with a sign above "Doggie Bar".
I think I got this pic on the way back to Battery Park.
Kim couldn't understand why I wanted this picture. Duh! This guy was probably a slow reader, huh!

When we arrived at the WTC Memorial security was as tight as the airport. We were lucky enough to have secured a couple of passes for the day. Believe me, this is one hard ticket to get. The passes are timed and we were admitted with the 11:15 a.m. group. 
Having visited ground zero on two previous occasions, I was pleased, to finally sense a spirit of calm. The memorial is beautifully done. 

The memorial offers enough space to move about without seeming crushed. I was glad to see large granite blocks placed about, providing a place to sit and reflect. The waterfalls on the original footprint of the fallen towers are powerful. All victims names were engraved in the massive bronze frames around the waterfalls.
It is hard to keep from tearing while reading the names.  One young woman's name was followed by...
"and unborn child".
For some reason I could not bring myself to photograph the complete names. Since I did not know any of the victims I felt to photograph the names was an invasion of privacy. I know that may seem strange. Just me.

This is the "Survivor Tree". This pear tree was originally on the WTC site. It was discovered, alive, in the rubble, taken off site, nurtured and brought back. You can read about it HERE!

This photo gives you a sense of the spaciousness of the memorial with people moving about, relaxing and reading. It was nice to see children all about.

You can see some of the, approximately 400, Swamp White Oak trees planted on the sight. They will eventually create an oasis in this area of the city.

The reflective building seen here will be a museum when finished. 
Of course the "Survivor Tree" has a place of honor. 

"One World Trade Center"

It is evident and comforting that the "One World Trade Center" Building is beginning to dominate the skyline of New York City. It can be seen from almost any place in lower Manhattan and from the shoreline.

This building represents the spirit of the American people and our strength of survival and renewal. I hope you enjoyed my perspective on the World Trade Center Memorial.

God Bless America!

I will be posting more or our visit to NYC and the rest of our cruise later. I wanted the WTC Memorial to stand alone.
Please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed the visit.
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Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Pretty surreal when you are there in person. Great photos Ginger! We are booked for Savannah, we will chat soon as to a game plant to meet up. Can't wait!

Marydon said...

Awesome capture, Ginger! It is one beautiful city. And, yes! You missed one wild storm. We still have snow on the ground in MD.

BOO-T-ful Halloween wishes ~
Hugs, Marydon

Suzy said...

Great "tour" of the WTC memorial, Ginger. I've never been there and this gave me a real sense of what it must be like. Thank you so much for sharing.

Barbara F. said...

What fantastic photos Ginger! I will get down there one day. I don't think I am ready yet.

I am glad my city treated you and your daughter kindly. We really get a bad rap alot of the time. We're pretty decent for the most part. :)

Looking forward to the rest of the photos.


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Lovely photographs and thank you so much for sharing them.

I was in NY three years ago this month and they were still working on the memorial, it was full of machinery and huge cranes and workmen so I would love to visit it now and see what has been achieved.

There is definitely a sense of calm in your photos -

x Fiona

Babs said...

Ginger,Thank you so much for the beautiful post of the WTC Memorial. Looking forward to more of your trip.

Bunny Jean said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to see the WTC. It is something that I would love to see in person. I bet that it was very emotional at times...

You were SO lucky to miss the storm. You had just the best weather!

Thanks for coming to the Bunny Hop:)

xoxo Bunny jean Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

I enjoyed seeing your photos of the WTC memorial. I would like to visit it myself. Good thing you went before the storm hit!

Sonia said...

Wonderful post..I want to go to the memorial when it opens next year. I didn't know about the survivor pear tree..thanks for sharing this ...we have a survivor tree in OKC at the bombing site memorial. What a wonderful reminder of life instead of death. I've only been to NYC once and it was the year before 9/11. We stayed at the Marriott between the Twin Towers...very eerie because for some reason my husband accidentally kept the room card key and found it after 9/11 and it has a picture of the towers on it. Now we have it sitting in his den on a shelf to help us remember those that were lost.

xinex said...

Thnaks for sharing this beauty, Ginger. My chest starts getting heavy just looking at the photos. Don't worry about the holly berries, our birds do not touch them....Christine

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Great photos~I really enjoyed this Ginger! Thanks for blogging about it.

WhyCuzICan said...

Great photos. I haven't been to the 9/11 Memorial, but I'm sure I will one day.

Thank you for your your wonderful photos and insightful notes :)

Visiting from Bunny Jean's BUNNY HOP Wed. Linky party,
Smiles, Suzanne in NW IL

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Ginger. I can only imagine the emotion you would feel when visiting this site. It's so nice to see it cleaned up. I've never been to NY but hope to one day. Until then I'll visit through your beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see more from your trip.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Linda said...

Being there must have been very flooded me with feelings just seeing your beautiful photos...thanks for sharing.

Geneva said...

Thank you for this beautiful post... I especially enjoyed the pictures of the World Trade Center memorial. You did a great job!

Life with L said...

That's a beautiful post. It must be a very emotional place to visit. So many loved ones lost. Thank you for sharing this post.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
Your photos are Beautiful of the new World Trade Center"" building.
Thanks so much for posting .
XXOO Diane

The Quintessential Magpie said...




Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Thank you for sharing the memorial photos. It must have been a very emotional visit to remember that tragic day in our nation's history.

Visiting from the Bunny Hop, Debra

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